Top Facebook Updates to Get Excited About (2023 Edition)

Sep 1, 2023
Sep 1, 2023
12 min
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Top Facebook Updates to Get Excited About

Explore the latest in Facebook updates where brand owners, marketers, and content creators gain fresh insights for digital success.

Marketers and brand owners, imagine always being a step ahead in the Facebook ads game. No more crawling the internet for bits and pieces of the latest Facebook updates or, worse, hearing from a friend who heard from a friend. This blog brings all the top Facebook updates straight to your fingertips… so you always stay in the know!

AudioCraft: Meta’s new AI music generation tool

We’ve stumbled upon something that’s music to our ears — literally! 🎵

AudioCraft, the AI brainchild of Meta, is designed to generate high-quality, realistic audio and music from text similar to how you would prompt ChatGPT. I can almost hear you thinking, “How is this relevant to us marketers and brand owners?” Well, allow me to connect the dots…

​​AudioCraft consists of a family of three models: MusicGen, AudioGen, and EnCodec. MusicGen, developed using music specifically licensed by Meta, produces music based on your text prompts. AudioGen, trained with common sound effects such as dog barks, car honks, and footsteps, generates these types of sounds based on your text prompts. 

So, let's say you want to roll out a Meta ad for your newest sneaker line. You’ve got the visuals down. But something is missing: the perfect background tune. With MusicGen, you can simply input a prompt like "chilled hip hop beats," and voilà, you’ve got a piece of music that captures the spirit of your ad! 

Below is the simple process of generating your music and sound effects:

Screenshot showing Meta AudioCraft model
Picture Source: Facebook

EnCodec is more of a supporting tool that ensures that all your generated audio, whether music or sound effects is top-notch. It compresses the audio without compromising its quality, making sure the sounds you hear are as clear and vivid as the original idea. 

Why is this so exciting? Well, we no longer need to scavenge through expensive music libraries or settle for generic tunes. For business owners, this means upping their ad game without breaking the bank on professional audio production. For us marketers, it’s an exciting tool in our arsenal to craft better stories and engage with our audiences. After all, in the world of marketing, it's not just about being heard; it's about striking the right chords.

How does AI affect your Meta experience?

Do you know how Facebook magically knows what content you might like? It's all about AI predictions! They've got this thing where they guess if you'll share a post or find it interesting, and then bam, it's on your feed. 

With the recent Meta updates, they’re spilling the beans on how AI shapes your feed. But why does this matter for brands and marketers like us?

1. More control, more clarity 

You know when you're scrolling on Facebook and wonder, "Why am I seeing this ad?" With the latest Meta updates, they’re expanding their “Why Am I Seeing This?” feature. Now, not only can you get the lowdown on why you’re seeing a post or a Reel, but you can also find out more about why you’re seeing certain ads. With transparency on the rise, we may need to revisit our targeting strategies.

Screenshot showing Facebook's Why am I seeing this page
Screenshot showing Why you're seeing this ad- Your Activity
Picture Sources: Facebook

Now, if the news of Facebook ads updates makes you nervous as a digital marketer, here’s a list of pros and cons for your peace of mind:


  1. Brand trust - When consumers see ads that seem like they've been handpicked just for them, it's like they're being heard, and who doesn't want to engage with a brand that truly “gets” them?
  1. Direct feedback loop - Understanding why certain ads don’t resonate with consumers (if they opt out or express disinterest) can give marketers valuable intel for adjusting the targeting strategy.
  1. Authentic engagement - If consumers understand why they’re being served your ad and they're still engaging with your brand, that's a real-deal connection. And hey, the real connections are the ones that usually lead to conversions.


  1. Increased scrutiny - As consumers become more aware of the reasons behind why they’re served certain ads, advertisers may face increased scrutiny about their targeting methods.
  1. Potential for opt-out  - As consumers become more aware of the strategies behind targeting, they might decide to opt-out or change their settings to avoid seeing such ads in the future.
  1. Higher expectations - If consumers are consistently seeing ads that resonate with their interests, they might develop even higher expectations for ad relevancy, putting pressure on advertisers to constantly deliver highly relevant content.

Given the rapid evolution of AI and its impact on our digital experiences, you might find yourself pondering its larger role in the marketing sphere. For deeper insights into this, check out our in-depth analysis.

2. Thumbs up… or down 

On Instagram, they’re testing out a new feature where consumers can now react to recommended Reels with an “Interested” button. If they vibe with what you’re dishing out, they're set to see more of it. But if it's a miss? They've got the “Not Interested” button on standby. Instant feedback? Score!

Screenshot showing the Interested & Not interested Instagram feature.
Picture Source: Facebook

For those who love to keep things old school, Facebook is letting users go back to basics with a chronological feed. But, if consumers love your content, there’s the “Show more, Show less” feature, which is available on all posts in Feed, Video, and Reels via the three-dot menu. It's a nifty way to make sure your brand stays on their radar!

This isn’t just a tech update—it's a reminder for us marketers that we need to stay on-point and in sync with our consumers. With these Facebook changes, consumers are in the driver’s seat. Our job is to ensure that our content doesn't just cut it but steals the show. 

A new era for Facebook video

Video has always dominated the digital marketing space. As Facebook continues to refine its video features, there are noteworthy opportunities for advertisers and brand owners to take advantage of. With the latest Facebook updates, not only do users get a superior video experience, but marketers too can tap into more dynamic, engaging tools to make thumb-stopping content.

More creative control with Facebook's video editing tools 

Facebook started to roll out updates that will bring more Reels editing tools to Feed, making it even easier to create dynamic videos on Facebook.

While these Facebook video enhancements are primarily designed for organic content, there's no doubt that the new features provide independent marketers and smaller brand owners access to high-quality, free tools to craft more engaging and dynamic video ads. The ability to add music, text, and audio clips, record voiceovers, and reduce unwanted noise brings superior sound and visual quality to your videos.

Screenshot showing how to edit videos on Facebook.
Picture Source: Facebook

A unified video hub on Facebook

Remember Facebook Watch? Well, it's undergone a makeover, and with these Facebook changes, it is now the 'Video tab.' It's your new hub for all video content on Facebook, be it Reels, long-form videos, or Live content. 

The fresh layout lets you scroll vertically through recommended videos tailored just for you. They've also added a horizontal section just for Reels, making it more convenient to immerse yourself in short-form video content.

Screenshot showing the unified Facebook video hub
Picture Source: Facebook

Why is this a slam dunk for marketers and brand owners?

  1. Increased discoverability - With all the videos snug in one section, it's easier for people to stumble upon content they didn't initially intend to watch. That's more eyes on your brand content and Facebook ads.
  1. Tailored recommendations - The personalized feed can recommend brand videos or ads to users based on their interests and behaviors, which can help you achieve bullseye targeting.
  1. More screen time - With this improved video experience, you can expect people to stick around the platform more. The longer they stay, the higher the chances they'll engage with more content, including branded content or Facebook ads. 
  1. Faster adaptability to trends - You’ll be able to quickly gauge trending video formats, spot what's hot, and craft your content strategy accordingly. Riding trends just got infinitely simpler.
  1. More visibility - That side-scrolling Reels section? If your Facebook ad or brand story is catchy, it's got a prime spot to get noticed!

Keep an eye out for the Video tab on your app—it'll be on the bottom if you're on an iPhone and up top for Android users. And get this: those tabs you see on the bar? They shuffle around based on what you check out the most on the app. Handy, right?

More discoverability = more reach 

Facebook has spruced up its video Explore feature, and it acts like a magnet for trending videos. Now, if you’re pushing out ads, imagine yours sitting among all the trending topics everyone's talking about. Use trendy hashtags and topics, and watch your campaign get the attention it deserves. 

Screenshot showing Facebook's trending videos section.
Picture Source: Facebook

Catch Instagram Reels on Facebook 

You can now watch and engage with Instagram Reels straight from Facebook. Yep, that's right. This nifty feature means you get your Reels in front of a fresh batch of eyeballs, even if you’re not active on Facebook. You get the best of both Instagram and Facebook Reels in a single platform. 

Screenshot showing Instagram Reels on Facebook
Picture Source: Facebook

Meta's new playbook

Have you heard the latest on Meta's Responsible Business Practices Report? Especially with the recent Meta updates, it outlines their approach to operating responsibly, which might just change the game for marketers and content creators. There's a chunk of info in there that I believe we can't afford to miss.

They’ve structured their approach around four pillars:

  1. Operating transparently and sustainably - This is about keeping things ethical and transparent to earn trust and the license to operate globally.
  1. Empowering our people and partners - Respect and dignity sit at the core here. Whether it's their people or partners in the supply chain, high standards are the name of the game.
  1. Building responsibly - They aim to design, develop, and continuously improve their products and platform for a safe and inclusive digital experience that improves people’s lives. 
  1. Unlocking the potential for good - This is all about using their platforms to make waves of positive change. Sounds like an open invite for our campaigns to do more than just sell, right?

So, what does this mean for your next ad campaign?

  1. Data privacy and trust - With Meta going big on transparency, we might need to recalibrate our ad targeting. On the flip side, this helps to build trust in our audiences.
  1. Content that resonates - It's not just about ads anymore. With Meta shifting towards people-centeredness and content governance, it’s time for us to double down on authentic, meaningful content.
  1. Design for experience - As Meta tweaks their designs for safety and inclusivity, it might be a hint for us to roll out campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

Oh, and speaking of changes, in light of the recent news on Facebook ads, have you checked out that EU Meta policy update? It's a must-read if you want to keep your ads running in the EU and in worldwide campaigns.

Expanding ads on Facebook Reels

Regarding the news on Facebook ads, the recent update to Reels is changing the game for content creators and marketers alike. Here's how:

More opportunities for content creators

Meta is enticing more content creators to hop onto the Facebook Reel ads gravy train. If you’re a content creator, it’s never been a more lucrative time to explore Reels! Not only is Facebook rewarding creators for the sheer performance of their Reels, but with the recent Facebook update, they're done with the traditional model where payouts were based on ad earnings. Now, the spotlight is on engagement. 

If you’re a content creator wanting to get in on this action, you must live in one of the 52 countries specified by Meta and meet several minimum requirements.

To check if you’re part of this initial program on Facebook, head over to the Professional Dashboard on Facebook and check out the Monetization Tools section. If you've been selected, there will be an ‘Ads on Reels’ button waiting for you. Give it a tap, follow the onboarding process, and voila! You're all set to start earning from those engaging Reels.

Picture Source: Facebook

Why is this a win for marketers? 

With the focus now being on engagement, content creators’ sole focus will be on creating engaging content. Translation: Your ads could be sandwiched between some top-shelf content! Plus, with an increase in ad inventory, the room for Reels advertising with better rates and even more effective ad placements just got even bigger. 

Heads up: This update isn’t just limited to Facebook. A similar performance-based program is being tested on Instagram as well. We’ll keep you posted on this!

Learn more about Ads on Facebook Reels

The power of Advantage+ campaigns in 2023

Meta Advantage+ campaigns are automated tools on Facebook. Through machine learning, these campaigns simplify ad creation by optimizing settings for maximum return. No need for intricate manual inputs; whether it's catalog ads or app installs, Advantage+ takes care of it all!

Here's what marketers and brand owners need to know:

1. Focus on creativity

As Advantage+ handles optimization, we are free to channel all our efforts into producing compelling ad creatives. The focus shifts from detailed audience targeting to being more about storytelling and design. 

2. Meta Advantage+ catalog ads

Taking a cue from the dynamic ads of the past, these catalog ads tap into machine learning to showcase ads tailored to consumer preferences. Instead of creating numerous individual ad sets, we can use one catalog to drive tailored ads across Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network.

3. Key targeting options

Advantage+ catalog ads come with two main targeting choices:

  • Broad audiences: Target consumers who've shown potential interest but haven't engaged with your brand.
  • Retargeting: Engage users who've interacted with specific products, nudging them to make a purchase.

4. Benefits of using Advantage+ catalog ads

  • Tailored content - They deliver content that aligns with consumer preferences.
  • Continuous optimization - You enjoy the automated promotion of all items without manual setup.
  • Efficient retargeting - Shoppers are reminded of products they've shown interest in.
  • Reaching new audiences - It uses broad audience targeting to tap into potential customers.
  • Organic engagement - Product details can appear in organic posts, prompting users to revisit them

Advantage+ campaigns offer a blend of efficiency and efficacy, allowing brands and marketers to focus on creativity while Facebook handles the heavy lifting of optimization. Impressive, isn't it?

Meta Ads Manager updates to campaign objectives

Meta has rolled out six brand new campaign objectives aiming to align better with your business goals. The new ones are Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, and Sales.

While some of the old objectives have changed names or merged, their functionality is still the same. For instance, the past "video views" objective is now under both awareness and engagement. So, choose based on your priority: want to amplify awareness using video? Go with awareness. Aiming to increase video playbacks? Pick engagement.

Picture Source: Facebook

Efficiency boost: Ads Manager "copy and paste" feature

The "copy and paste" feature in Meta Ads Manager might not be the latest Facebook update, but its value in digital advertising is undeniable. For digital marketers, setting up ads with meticulous settings can be a tedious task. This "copy and paste" feature allows you to duplicate a perfectly optimized ad setup in just a few clicks.

Why we love it:

  1. Efficiency - No need to start from scratch every time. Found a campaign structure that works? Copy it! Whether it's the ad set criteria, placements, or detailed targeting, this feature ensures you keep the elements that drive results.
  1. Creative testing made simple - Want to test different creatives or slight tweaks in targeting? Clone your existing campaign and make the necessary adjustments. It's an efficient way to do testing without starting from scratch every time.
  1. Scalability - Scaling your campaigns? Copying your successful campaigns to new audiences or regions is straightforward. Adjust the minor specifics, and you're good to go!
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Sep 1, 2023
Sep 1, 2023
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