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Oct 20, 2021
Oct 6, 2020
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How to Get Verified on Facebook

Building an online presence through social media is a key objective for every business. Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook should definitely be the one you focus on in order to achieve this goal.

You can do this by getting more likes, followers, and page reviews. Additionally, to build up your brand credibility, you should get the blue verification badge on your Facebook page.

You might be asking yourself what's the big deal, why do I need a little blue check-mark on my Facebook business page? Well, this blue check-mark might be small but it’s worth a lot.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get the desired blue verification check-mark.

Why you should get verified on Facebook

Perhaps you are wondering what it means to have online credibility and how to get your business to be considered trustworthy. This is exactly where the Facebook verification badge comes in handy for the following reasons:

  1. Getting verified on Facebook proves to your potential customers and followers that you have a high status and that you’re reliable. They are shown through this blue verification sign that you are a dependable and authentic business that consumers can place their faith in.
  2. Moreover, the bigger and more well-known your company is, the more likely you are to come across imposters who will try to steal your clients or harm your reputation. Facebook verification shows your future consumers that you are who you say you are, making it hard for imposters to damage your business.
  3. If that's not enough, Facebook's verification helps you rank higher on both Google and Facebook's search engines. This allows you to reach a greater audience and gives you a big advantage over your competitors, as potential customers see your business first. This can increase your traffic, engagement, and sales.

Who can get verified on Facebook

Unfortunately, not everyone can get a verified badge on Facebook. It is very difficult to get a personal account verified, and in order to do so, you would have to have a “close to celebrity” status. However, pages of local businesses, companies, and organizations are much easier to verify.

You might have noticed that in the past, Facebook used to have both a blue and grey check-mark. The blue tick symbol represented figures, celebrities, and large brands. However, the grey one was meant for smaller businesses and local organizations.

In 2019, Facebook saw that this was creating confusion among users. Therefore, it decided to remove the grey check-mark altogether, keeping only the blue verification mark for all businesses and public figures that request verification.

How to improve your chance to get verified on Facebook

How to improve your chance to get verified on Facebook

In order to get this sought-after blue check-mark, Facebook has four specific criteria that need to be met:

  1. Authenticity: Your account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity.
  2. Unique presence: Your account must have the unique presence of a person or business it represents. Only one account from a specific person or business can be verified.
  3. Having a complete page: Your account must be visibly active with an about section, profile picture, and posts.
  4. Notability: Your account must represent a well-known and often-searched individual or company.

But these criteria are only the minimum requirements, and you’d want to do everything you can to improve your company page’s chance of being verified.

Being as descriptive and using as many details as possible will help you prove your authenticity and significantly increase your chances of being verified.

Make sure to add your company's phone number, location, email, and any other information that would be helpful to a potential consumer.

Moreover, adding your company's mission statement and social media channels is a great way to show your credibility.

In addition, increasing the number of followers, likes, and reviews can also be of great help in increasing your chances of verification.

Lastly, maintain regular engaging posts and more importantly, link your Facebook page to your website. Remember, the more details, the better!

Engagement-driving tips

Important note! Don't resort to buying Facebook likes, as it is a harmful method that will only damage your chances of getting verified.

If you run Facebook ads, you can read a few of our other articles to learn how to increase engagement using video ads and poll ads.

In addition, using more emojis in your Facebook ads and posts can also drive more engagement from your audience.

How to get verified on Facebook

In order to get verified on Facebook, you need to fill out this contact form. The following steps will guide you through the process of filling out the verification form:

  1. Choose whether you would like to verify a page or profile.
  2. Select your page to verify it.
  3. Select a category that your company focuses on.
  4. Enter the country your business is located in.
  5. Attach a photo ID (passport, driver's license, national identification card, etc.).
Request a Blue Verification Badge
  1. Write your claim as to why your account should be verified. You can also add URLs that show your account’s notability.
  2. List other social media presence accounts and additional comments (optional).
Why should your account be verified

The sixth step is your opportunity as a business to prove to Facebook why you deserve verification.

In this section, titled “Please share why this Facebook Page or Profile should be verified”, it is recommended to write a concise and strong claim as to why your business deserves the blue check-mark.

Maybe your brand is of big interest to the public and has been in the news? Maybe there are imposters that pretend to be you and con your customers?

This is where you can attach any relevant information, press articles, and testimonies to show your company's true value.  

Once you have completed these seven simple steps, go ahead and hit “Send”. Afterward, you will receive a notification when Facebook reviews your claim.

Important note: Facebook does not sell verification badges. Hence, if someone offers to sell you a badge, do not engage with them, and do not purchase one. It is against Facebook's rules and it will most likely remove any badge you purchase.

Additional specific requirements

For law enforcement, city governments, politicians, and elected officials there are additional specific requirements that must be met before applying for verification.

  • Law enforcement: Anyone managing the page must turn on two-factor identification.
  • City government: The page must include the word “government”.
  • Politician: The page can include a government title or abbreviation, such as senator, representative, mayor, MP, etc. However, it cannot include phrases such as “for Parliament”, “for [your country]”, etc. Lastly, the page category must be set to “Politician”.
  • Elected Officials: The page name must include a government title or abbreviation. In addition, the category must be set to “Government Official” and the page’s “About” section must clearly state that it’s a government page.

How long does it usually take to get verified?

The time frame in which it can take Facebook to review your request for verification is pretty extensive. This process usually takes anywhere between 48 hours to 45 days.

The length of this period depends on many factors. These include who you are, how popular your Facebook page is, and even how busy Facebook is at the time you apply.

It might take longer for Facebook to review business accounts over personal accounts as the team manually reviews your attached documents.

What can you do if Facebook doesn’t verify your page?

Did your page get rejected for verification by Facebook?

No worries!

You can reapply 30 days after Facebook rejects your request. Before you reapply, make sure you do all that you can to get approved this time to avoid having to go through this process a third time.

One thing you can do to increase your chance of getting verified is to try increasing the amount of press you have.

Additionally, you can open a Wikipedia page (if you don't have one already). Furthermore, you should get more reviews and make sure your Facebook page is filled with information and engaging content.

The more information your page contains and the more active your brand is on social media and Google, the higher your chances are of being verified.


Building up your online presence and credibility is a crucial part of your company's success.

That’s why being verified on Facebook is a vital step in building your business’s social presence and overall image.

Not only will this blue check-mark help you stand out from your competitors, but it will also bring your page to the top of the search results on both Google and Facebook's search engines.

This can help you increase your reach, acquire new customers, and boost sales and conversions.

Even though the process is not simple and can take some time, it is definitely worth the hassle!

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Oct 20, 2021
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