18 Facebook Ad Examples Worth Emulating in 2024

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Oct 6, 2022
Jan 17, 2024
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Facebook ad examples

Check out this list of the top 18 Facebook ad examples from eCommerce businesses around the globe and get inspiration from the greats.

True artists take inspiration from the world around them - and the same goes for those of us looking to create high-converting Facebook ads.

In this post, we'll cover 18 of the best Facebook ad examples from companies around the world who are crushing their competition.

We'll also give you best practices and resources for creating your own, too.

Let's get to it!

What makes a Facebook ad 'good'?

Before we cover the examples, it's important to take a moment to think about what makes an ad 'good' in the first place. Overall, there are several factors you should be thinking about when looking at an ad:

Is the creative of good quality?

Your creative (or ad graphic) tends to be one of the first things that will get your ad noticed by your audience. This means that your graphics have to adhere to the same high standard as your ad copy.

In some cases, having a bad-quality design could even make or break a sale.

Case and point: which one of these ads would you trust to give your personal details to?

Bad Facebook ad example

When it comes to creative, you should always think about:

  • The goal of the ad itself (clicks, video views, conversions) and which ad format makes this action, well, more actionable
  • The overall brand coherence (if the creative retains your brand's overall theme and design)
  • If the image or video is low quality or looks 'scammy'

Given that there's an array of ad types (that we'll be getting to in just a moment), it's imperative to consider not only the message you're trying to convey but also the medium that you're using to spread the message.

For example, if you're looking to explain how your product works, a video may be a better choice than a static image. If you'd rather display several of your products, single-image carousel ads give you a better way to showcase each and every one.

Note: Not every team has a full-time graphic design service available, which can make creating high-quality ads difficult, to say the least. However, with Madgicx's Sparkle, you can have an on-demand design team that can create an unlimited amount of graphics for a flat monthly fee.

Now that we know what things to look for in our ad, it's time to sit on our throne of judgment and see the top 18 Facebook ad examples in 2024.

Is the ad copy clear, and does it explain the offer or call to action?

Text is one of the first things that people will notice about your ad. While many people focus most of their time on just the primary text, the reality is that there are several places in which your ad copy appears within an ad.

Anatomy of a Facebook ad.

Each part of the ad copy has a specific job to do and helps explain and reaffirm your offer or the focus of the ad.

When creating ad copy, there are several important things to tick off your checklist:

  • Does this ad speak to my audience by using the same terms and language they do?
  • Does this ad clearly communicate the offer at hand?
  • Does this ad tell the viewer how to take the next step?

If you can't give a definitive answer to any of these questions, you need to review and rewrite your ad copy so that it meets these criteria.

We know writing good ad copy is tough, which is why we have a complete guide on how to write killer ad copy here if you need some tips.

Let's hop to it!

Facebook photo ad examples

1. Monday.com

Monday.com nudges you toward introspection.

Monday.com Facebook photo ad

Why it works:

I. Aimed at your feelings: The cheeky text “Your team deserves better” employs a soft yet powerful guilt-tripping technique. This psychological trigger prompts managers and business owners to reflect on whether they are truly providing the best tools for their team's success. Psychological triggers work as they leverage human emotions and instincts, causing them to take action.

II. Clear value: By presenting such a clear contrast between Monday.com's user-friendly interface and the chaos of traditional spreadsheets, the ad makes choosing their product a "no-brainer" if you’re seeking to enhance team efficiency. This technique is an example from which anyone can learn: make your product a given by highlighting its superiority over existing alternatives.

2. Vinted

Vinted taps into emotions.

Vinton Facebook ad

Why it works:

I. Sells a feeling: Vinted doesn't just showcase a transaction; it unveils the sheer delight of seeing money enter your account unexpectedly. By emphasizing the emotional reward of using their platform, Vinted effectively sells the feeling customers experience when engaging with their platform.

II. No hidden fees transparency: The post copy keeps it short, sweet, and direct. In a world where hidden fees can be a major turnoff, Vinted is upfront about its advantage. The transparency about no selling fees adds a layer of trust and simplicity to the platform, making it even more appealing.

III. Compelling headline: "Declutter your home today." Vinted doesn't just focus on selling; it offers a passive yet desirable benefit – the opportunity to declutter while earning cash.

3. Pienaar & Son Distilling Co.

A Cosmo and Martini on the go? Yes, please! This isn't just a nifty product for adventurers; it's a sweet ad for a couple of compelling reasons.

Pienaar & Sons Distilling Facebook ad

Why it works:

I. Fear of missing out (FOMO): Remember the power of a customer testimonial? Pienaar & Son takes it to the next level by featuring screenshots of comments they've received on social media, complete with the handles. The inclusion of real people's comments and emotions gives potential customers a glimpse of what current customers are enjoying, creating a sense of urgency to try it for themselves.

II. Bold text: That big, bold type is hard to miss. Pienaar & Son knows the importance of making a statement, and the bold type ensures that the message is seen and remembered. It's a visual cue that demands attention and sets the tone for the entire ad.

III. Captivating design: Taking cues from the bold type, the ad employs bright color-blocking and a split-screen, side-by-side showcase of the two flavors. This design choice isn't just visually appealing; it's captivating. It draws you in, highlighting the product's vibrancy and variety. 

4. The Ordinary

Notice how your eyes gravitated straight to the bottle? That's the power of negative space.

Why it works:

I. Minimalism: Consumers are constantly bombarded with visual noise. The Ordinary cuts through the clutter by embracing minimalism. The stark white background and the solitary presence of the product create a visual oasis, allowing your potential customer to give undivided attention to what truly matters – your product. 

II. Simple and straightforward: No image text, no price tag, no fluff. The Ordinary lets the product speak for itself. The simple post copy and absence of distracting details are intentional, offering an opportunity for the product to take center stage.

III. Distinction: In a culture where more is often considered better, The Ordinary stands out on image and text-heavy feeds. They’re proving that sometimes, less is not just more – it's everything.

5. LegalWise

In a refreshing departure from the norm, this legal assistance insurance company ditches perfectly polished stock imagery—something we don’t see often in legal or insurance ads.

LegalWise Facebook photo ad

Why it works:

Real feel: This ad stands out by capturing an unpolished moment of reality: a scene where two managers are dismissing an employee. Unlike typical ads that aim for polished perfection, this image presents a raw, imperfect expression, giving it an authentic, almost documentary-like quality. 

By rejecting overly staged and stock-photo-like visuals, the ad succeeds in portraying a genuine scenario, effectively resonating with viewers who may have found themselves in the same situation. What brands can take away from this is that it's okay to keep it real.

Facebook carousel ad examples

6. Gymshark

Gymshark, the go-to brand for men's and women's gym clothing, takes a bold leap in their latest ad campaign. Breaking the conventional norms, they feature seven diverse athletes in one captivating horizontal image, strategically sliced into several slides.

Gymshark Facebook carousel ad

Why it works:

I. Unconventional presentation: Gymshark disrupts the ordinary by breaking down one long horizontal image into multiple slides. This turns a simple concept into an interactive experience. The dynamic flow, starting with bodybuilder David Laid on the left and concluding with strongman Luke Stoltman on the far right, creates a seamless visual journey that keeps you engaged.

II. Product showcase on diverse bodies: Beyond the visual intrigue, the ad ingeniously showcases Gymshark products on a spectrum of diverse bodies and athletes. 

Each athlete represents a unique facet of strength and fitness, emphasizing Gymshark's commitment to catering to every body type and fitness discipline.

III. Simplicity with impact: The simplicity of the concept is its strength. Gymshark doesn't need elaborate graphics or flashy effects; the power lies in the diverse representation of athletes and the products they wear. 

7. Destinations by Frasers

This carousel ad cleverly aims to appeal to many.

Destinations by Frasers Facebook carousel ad

Why it works:

I. Personalized appeal: The variation of colors caters to a wide range of personalities. Whether you're drawn to the serene blues, vibrant pinks, or sunny yellows, there's a color to match every individual's taste and mood. 

II. Surprise element: The unexpected range of colors not only keeps viewers engaged but also adds an element of excitement and discovery with every swipe.

8. Accor Live Limitless

Accor Live Limitless invites you to a visual journey through their Phuket retreat with a captivating carousel ad. Each slide unfolds a different moment, painting a vivid picture of what a day at this luxurious resort could look like.

Accor Live Limitless Facebook carousel ad

Why it works:

I. Storytelling carousel: The ad ingeniously employs the carousel format to weave a narrative, beginning with a captivating hotel room view and unfolding into a tantalizing exploration of luxurious experiences, effectively offering viewers a tangible experience.

II. Aspirational: This classic marketing technique capitalizes on the notion that when you can picture yourself in something, whether it's a product, experience, or lifestyle, you're more likely to be drawn to it and take action.

9. Honest Greens US

Honest Greens mimics the ordering experience with a carousel ad that mirrors the simplicity and familiarity of flipping through a menu.

Honest Greens US Facebook carousel ad

Why it works:

I. Intuitive menu browsing: The carousel format mimics the real-life act of flipping through a menu, creating an intuitive ordering experience. Users can swipe through each card, just as they would in a physical menu.

II. Comprehensive information: Each card provides a comprehensive snapshot of the plated menu item. From the price to a detailed meal description, users have all the necessary information at their fingertips. 

III. Effortless ordering: The inclusion of a direct link to order each menu item adds a layer of convenience, making it easy for customers to convert their browsing into a satisfying meal.

10. Ford

Ford ingeniously employs a carousel ad that takes you on an immersive journey through the intricacies of their exceptional car. Each slide focuses on a distinct feature and highlights what makes it special.

Ford Facebook carousel ad

Why it works:

I. Feature showcase: The carousel format serves as a canvas to showcase the car's features in detail. Starting with the full car, it progressively zooms in on specific elements like lights, alloy wheels, and parking sensors. This strategic presentation allows viewers to appreciate the car's design and functionality, creating a visual narrative of its excellence.

II. Unique selling points: With each slide, Ford strategically emphasizes the unique selling points of the car. Whether it's the cutting-edge technology of the lights, the sleek design of the alloy wheels, or the convenience of parking sensors, each feature is presented as a standout quality.

III. Call to action: The ad concludes with a call to action to convert interest into action. This encourages viewers who have been captivated by the features to take the next step in their journey— obtaining a quote.

Facebook stories ad examples

11. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Brace yourself! Because KLM is taking you on an adventure in 20 seconds 🛫

Why it works:

Immersive experience: The ad takes you on a virtual tour of sought-after destinations that KLM can take you to, effectively demonstrating the value of their service. 

Brands can learn from this approach of almost physically immersing customers in the product experience, showing rather than just telling, as effective demonstrations can significantly enhance customer understanding and engagement.

12. Yacht Week

This ad takes you on a FOMO-inducing journey.

Why it works:

Visual impact: With the right production and editing, even the simplest message, product, or service can feel mesmerizing. Yacht Week exemplifies this with dynamic editing and stunning drone footage, proving that any brand can elevate its ads just by employing different shooting techniques.

13. Jeep

Ever wondered if a still image could come alive? Jeep has cracked the code! Behold the brilliance of photo motion effects.

Why it works:

I. Breathing life into images: Witness the magic as a static image transforms into a vibrant video. The car lights start blinking, adding a touch of realism that captivates without the need for an entire video production. 

II. Cost-effective: Jeep's ingenuity lies in its ability to create a visually engaging experience without breaking the bank. By utilizing photo motion effects, they've slashed video production costs and time. 

III. Repurposing brilliance: Jeep demonstrates the power of repurposing existing high-quality images. With photo motion effects, every image you have becomes a versatile asset. 

14. City Lodge Hotels

Dare to defy convention, as City Lodge does?

Why it works:

I. Cheeky humor: This video ad stands out by embracing absurdity and injecting humor into people's timelines. Departing slightly from their usual brand image, they launched a campaign featuring bedtime stories tailored for business people. Each ad delivers a funny bedtime narrative. 

While seemingly random, this unconventional approach grabs attention effectively. Sometimes, being absurd is the key to capturing people's interest. This strategy transcends industries; any brand or service can benefit from it. 

II. No self-promotion, just value: Remarkably, the ad doesn't even mention the brand name, it simply delivers value through entertaining content. This illustrates a crucial lesson: ads don't always need to directly promote a product or service.

15. Recoveries by Cartrack

In this Story image ad, Cartrack's Recoveries division brings a dash of humor to the serious business of keeping your vehicle safe. 

Why it works:

I. Witty messaging: The clever play on "car thieves get these for free" adds a light-hearted touch to the serious topic of vehicle security. It's a witty way of emphasizing the effectiveness of their tracking system in deterring thieves.

II. Memorable visuals: The image of handcuffs adds a memorable visual element to the ad. It deviates from the norm of using a vehicle when advertising tracking systems.

Facebook video ad examples

16. Voys

This is all of us 👀

Why it works:

Mirrors the audience: Voys, a provider of business telephone services, effectively connects with its audience by tapping into a common frustration: the dreaded autocorrect fail! This relatable experience resonates deeply with audiences, as it's a scenario everyone has encountered, leading them to think, "Yup, that's me." 

By leveraging a shared experience, brands can make their ads both relatable and memorable.

17. KitKat

Ever heard of scroll-stopping content? KitKat not only knows it but excels in it.

Why it works:

I. Unconventional visuals: KitKat's mastery lies in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. By shooting the product unconventionally large on your screen, they create a disruptive visual experience. The extreme close-up of the chocolate breaking challenges the typical portrayal of chocolates in ads, making it unmissable.

II. Playful call to action: "Take a (scroll) break" – a simple yet playful call to action that tempts you to pause and savor a KitKat moment. The parenthesis around "scroll" adds a clever twist, subtly nudging you to break not just the chocolate but the scrolling routine. 

III. Consistent branding: KitKat's consistently bright red background is a stroke of branding genius. It ensures that their ads are instantly recognizable.

18. Walmart

Don’t be afraid to deviate from your brand norm from time to time. Walmart takes a delightful leap into the world of animation, creating an adorable ad that is a strategic move to captivate its audience.

Why it works:

I. Unexpected animation: Walmart breaks away from the expected with a charming animated ad. Animation adds an element of surprise and delight. It's a refreshing departure that captures attention, making the ad memorable for existing and potential customers alike.

II. Focus on human truth: The ad smartly taps into a universal truth – human impatience and the desire for instant gratification. By highlighting last-minute gifts and same-day delivery, Walmart not only addresses a pain point but turns it into a selling point. 

III. Strategic messaging: Focusing on last-minute gifts and same-day delivery is a strategic move. Walmart is playing into the human tendency for procrastination and the urgency for quick solutions. The messaging aligns with real-life scenarios, making the brand more relatable.

Looking for additional Facebook video ad examples? Check out this blog post.

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