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“Graphically, the way that Madgicx explains the data, everyone on the team, even if they’re novice users, understands what’s working. Then you just need to build that out, pump it back into the Facebook ad account, and let it rock.”

"We were able to quickly define which audiences, copy, and media content were the most effective at reaching our target audience in a ridiculously short period of time."

“Madgicx’s platform just makes it seamless and easy to navigate and identify your top-performing creatives and ad copies.”

“I had been using Revealbot for 4 years when I decided to switch to Madgicx.

When I found out about the platform, I first tried to compare it with the other options on the market. It just has so many more functionalities to offer for the price I’m paying, and it's far ahead of its competitors in terms of development.”

Sun Naritson
CEO & Founder, MSR Digital Partner
Saar Bell
Founder, BellaPOINT Media

“I've always believed that a machine could run my ads better than I could alone. Madgicx proved me right.”

Klaus Schmitt
CEO of