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In just 1 MONTH of using Madgicx’s Automation tools, Upjers saw its daily app registrations increase to a whopping 400%.

Decrease in Cost per Sign-Up
Daily Budget Scaling

“I've always believed that a machine could run my ads better than I could alone. Madgicx proved me right.”

Klaus Schmitt
CEO of
Their Story

Free browser games and apps is a prominent developer and publisher of free-to-play browser games and apps based in Bamberg, Germany.

After years of running ads all over the web, Upjers decided to focus their advertising efforts on the platforms where their users hang out the most: Facebook and Instagram.

Their Goal

Automate advertising to avoid human error

Klaus - the CEO of - knew that to reap the full benefits of these platforms, he needed to have a platform that could execute all the advertising best practices for him without the risk of human error. And that’s when the company decided to leave the work to Madgicx.

Their Solution

The perfect budget management setup

Upon reaching out to Madgicx, our Customer Success team set up an onboarding call with Klaus and his team. Our team first made sure that Upjers’ ad account had proper strategy management in place by setting up Madgicx's automation tactics. The automation tactics would pause overspending ads, scale top-performing campaigns, and do all the other repetitive tasks based on the strategy in place.

Then, the company used the Autonomous Budget Optimizer to automate the entire budget management of their ad account and ensure an efficient full-funnel targeting strategy from acquisition prospecting through re-engagement to retargeting.

They fed the tool with their performance goals, budgets, and KPIs and ran a simulation to understand the predicted impact on their account. Once they were happy with the simulation results, they turned the Autonomous Budget Optimizer on and let it do all the heavy lifting for them.

Their Success

Sign up for success

In just 1 MONTH of using Madgicx’s Automation tools, Upjers saw its daily app registrations increase to a whopping 400%.

Apart from the increase in user sign-ups, Upjers also noticed a 66% drop in their cost per registration - a massive amount of savings they now can use to scale further.

And all of that was achieved while scaling their daily budget by 40%, making these numbers even more impressive.

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