Negative Apparel

This clothing brand has pulled in thousands of new customers, doubled their ROAS, and 5x their ad budget - all in just 4 months of using Madgicx.

5x Monthly ad spend
1.5x Customer base

I’ve been running ads for years now, but there’s a limit to the audiences I could think of. But with Madgicx, we can easily find and target new audiences using my existing customer data, which ultimately helped us pull in thousands of new customers.

Plus, on days when I'm not doing anything on my ad account, I know that Madgicx's automation is working to optimize it for me. And all of these have definitely helped us scale.”

Omar Rafique
Co-Founder, Negative Apparel
Their Story

All-in-one western wear shop

Negative Apparel is one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan, with a significant online presence and multiple retail stores across the country. The brand is renowned for its vast selection of western-style fashion items, such as dresses, handbags, accessories, and more.

Their Goal

Find new audiences to scale the business further

Omar, Negative Apparel’s co-founder, wanted to find the best way to reach new audiences through Facebook ads to expand their customer base.

Their Solution

Maximal audience expansion

Since Omar was looking for new audiences, the first thing that caught his eye was Madgicx's targeting tools, which allowed him to create 65 new converting audiences.

These tools included Madgicx's Audience Launcher, which offers 100+ ready-to-deploy audiences you can launch in a few clicks. It helped him find new profitable audiences for Negative Apparel without spending HOURS manually setting them up.

From their existing audiences, the brand was then able to expand their reach further through the Audience Studio. The Audience Studio allows you to mix and match interests and lookalikes to create new audiences to target, making it easy to find the next best customers using your existing data.

The best part about it is it shows you all the data you need while experimenting (including the potential reach of the new audience), so you can already tell whether or not the new audience is worth testing.

Even when the iOS 14.5 privacy policy hit their retargeting data in 2021, the brand still sustained their overall revenue thanks to all the acquisition audiences they reached through Madgicx.

With the new audiences ramping up their sales, they were able to scale their monthly ad budget to 500%. It even led to a point where it became difficult for them to manage such large budgets and so many ad sets.

And that's when Madgicx's Autonomous Budget Optimizer came in - a tool that automates the entire budget management of your ad account 24/7.

According to Omar, since setting up the Autonomous Budget Optimizer, he's been able to have days when he doesn't even open his ad account because the tool was doing all the tedious media-buying work for him, from scaling winning campaigns to reducing the spend on losing ads.

With this tool, he knows exactly what the automation did to their ad account at the end of each day and what the impact of these changes was on their sales and budget - without ever having to stare at Facebook Ads Manager the whole day.

Their Success

Positive results and customer experience

In just 4 months, Negative Apparel has already seen drastic improvements in their ad account and overall business results, thanks to Madgicx:

  • 2x ROAS
  • 5x Monthly ad spend
  • 1.5x Customer base

According to Omar, another thing that made him a big fan is how Madgicx takes his (and other users’) recommendations and feedback seriously, as proven by some updates in the app that were made based on his suggestions.

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