A British activewear and sports accessories brand increased online sales by 4.37x after utilizing Madgicx’s Audiences and Creative Insights to tailor content to customers.

Botthms | Madgicx case study
Online Purchases

“We started using Madgicx a week and a half ago and we already see great ROAS. The customer service is also great in helping you set up everything. I would recommend this to anyone running Facebook ads that is serious about making money.”

Renaldo Bothma
CEO of Botthms
Their Story

Active lifestyle gear

Botthms is a British activewear and accessories company established by the professional Rugby player Renaldo Bothma at the end of 2018. On Botthms’ online store, you can find socks, active silicon rings, headwear, and other trending products.

Botthms | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Boosting sales

After a few unsuccessful Facebook campaigns, Botthms were hoping to finally capitalize their online advertising efforts and reach new customers all over Europe.

Their Solution

Methodic use of execution and insight tools

Botthms started by setting up Automation Tactics like Stop Loss, Surf, and Revive, to invest their budget in the most profitable campaigns and ad sets.By analyzing their data using Madgicx’s Strategic Dashboard, Botthms realized they were underspending on Acquisition while overspending on Retargeting. Furthermore, they noticed they weren’t running any Retention campaigns. Thanks to these insights, Botthms discovered new scaling opportunities and managed to make their Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention campaigns profitable.Afterward, the company launched over 40 audiences across these campaigns and set Automation Tactics to maximize their results. They found profitable audiences in less than 24 hours without overspending on audience testing. Then they allocated their entire budget to the most profitable audiences and ad sets.Three days later, Botthms had enough data to see performance trends across different audiences. They used Creative Insights to analyze their content and discovered huge differences in CTR and ROAS between different age and gender groups, placements, and countries.Botthms used the insights they gained from Madgicx to perfectly tailor creatives to their most profitable audiences. By using these insights and execution tools efficiently, the company succeeded in driving conversions and significantly increased their ROAS.

Botthms | Madgicx case study
Botthms | Madgicx case study
Their Success

Botthms up

Botthms ran Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention campaigns from June-September, 2019 and achieved:

  • 3x ROAS
  • 4.37x Website Purchases
  • 6x CTR

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