A British business selling prescription eyewear online experienced rapid growth using Madgicx’s AI Audiences and Creative Insights.

Glasses2You | Madgicx case study
Amount Spent
Decrease in CPP

“I signed up for Madgicx, clicked a few buttons, and after 2-3 days I already doubled my ROAS. Initially, I thought it might have been just a lucky shot, but after a month we managed to maintain this strong performance and I wasn’t even using the full power of Madgicx."

Ian Allcoat
CEO of Glasses2You
Their Story

Focusing on value

Glasses2you has been successfully selling quality eyewear online for 13 years. They provide high-quality prescription spectacles, varifocals, bifocals, and sunglasses at heavily discounted prices. The company is very proud of its high standard of service, providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Glasses2You | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Strategy optimization for Facebook ads

Glasses2You didn’t have the knowledge and time to execute what was needed to profit from their Facebook ads, so they looked for a way to maximize results quickly and efficiently.

Their Solution

Taking over new markets with AI Audiences

Previously, Glasses2You was spending relatively little on Facebook ads, which allowed them to break even, but stopped them from fulfilling their full growth potential.When the company started using Madgicx, they set up Automation Tactics and launched a full-funnel strategy that targeted Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention audiences.Madgicx’s AI and Top Seed Audiences helped Glasses2You reach new customers and lower their CPP while tapping into new markets. By uncovering new prospecting audiences, they gradually succeeded in scaling their budget and have since doubled their ROAS.By using Madgicx’s insight products, Glasses2You were able to segment their customers and tailor creatives to audiences based on age ranges, gender, and region. Next, insights derived based on Madgicx’s AI Tags were used to set up data-driven briefs for Glasses2You’s content team. This led to an overall increase in performance in website conversions, ROAS, CTR, and engagement.The results showed that in addition to increased success in the UK, which is their main market, Glasses2You experienced fantastic results in other countries as well, such as Spain and Malta. Most impressive of all was their success in France, where they gained 143 website purchases and a 4.2x higher ROAS!

Glasses2You | Madgicx case study
Glasses2You | Madgicx case study
Their Success

A visible success

Glasses2You experienced results within just 2-3 days of launching a full-funnel audience strategy managed by Madgicx, which included Acquisition, Retargeting, and Retention campaigns. After three months they achieved:

  • 2x Amount Spent
  • 1.5x ROAS
  • 36% Decrease in CPP

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