TLF Apparel

An American activewear brand obtained an amazing ROAS and a significant increase in revenues and purchases after utilizing Madgicx’s AI Audiences and Bid Testing tool.

TLF Apparel | Madgicx case study

Madgicx is such a great tool that I’m afraid to recommend it to my competitors, but I’d definitely recommend it to any other business that wants to have an advantage over their competitors in social media advertising.

Chris Ferguson
Founder & CEO of TLF Apparel
Their Story


TLF was established in 2012 by Chris Ferguson, former founder of BSN® supplements, a global leader in sports nutrition. Ferguson set out to redefine the activewear industry using his core philosophy: “Innovate-Never-Duplicate.” His unparalleled attention to quality, fit, function, performance, and design has led to TLF becoming the “go-to” brand for those who settle for nothing less than the best.

TLF Apparel | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Scaling with Facebook advertising

TLF started using the Facebook Ads Manager for advertising but didn’t manage to scale and achieve the results they wished for on their own. Therefore, they turned to the experts in Facebook advertising—Madgicx.

Their Solution

Increasing ROAS with Bid Optimization

TLF started testing Madgicx’s different Audiences and once they tried the AI Audiences, they realized they found exactly what they were looking for. These Audiences drove great performance for them in terms of ROAS and revenues.

Later on, TLF utilized Madgicx’s Creative Insights in order to review their creative performance and focus on their most profit-driving creatives. Another product that helped TLF improve their ad performance and engagement is Ad Care, which allowed them to automatically add a comment they created on their ads and own the narrative in the comments section.

In addition, TLF successfully leveraged Madgicx’s Bid Optimization capabilities to significantly increase their ROAS. They recently began experimenting with Madgicx’s Bid Testing tool and have already seen amazing results.

TLF Apparel | Madgicx case study
TLF Apparel | Madgicx case study
Their Success

Take your ROAS further

TLF Apparel started running campaigns with Madgicx in November 2019 and achieved the following remarkable results:

  • 3.9x ROAS
  • 1.5x Revenue
  • 2.26x Purchases

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