2 weeks after installing Madgicx Cloud Tracking, this e-com company already saw a 20% uplift in their retargeting audience data, leading to a massive boost in ROAS and more.

Lift in Retargeting Audience Data
Increase in Attributed Conversions
Retargeting ROAS (From 0)

“Especially after iOS 17. I don't understand how you can continue to be profitable without MCT.”

Wanchen Kaiser
CMO at Glamcor Global Llc
Their Story

Ingenious Lighting for Artists

GLAMCOR is a D2C brand that manufactures and sells lighting products and accessories in 80+ countries. They serve professionals and household consumers from all artistic disciplines, including makeup artists, performers, and tattoo artists.

Founded in 2010, the GLAMCOR team had been able to hit a consistent, above-average ROAS for years until the iOS 14.5 privacy policy started messing up their tracking and performance.

Their Goal

Win Back Retargeting Audiences

GLAMCOR needed to win back their performance data, especially their retargetable audiences. For them, it's the only way to stop burning through their budgets and hit the level of revenue needed to support their operations.

Their Solution

Accurate Tracking + Automation Combo

Wanchen, GLAMCOR's CMO, ran into Madgicx's website, where she found out about Madgicx Cloud Tracking (MCT) - a tracking solution that sends accurate data back into the Ads Manager.

She leveraged the free call Madgicx offered to understand how MCT could help her business and decided to have MCT integrated into all her ad accounts.

In just 2 weeks after the setup, Wanchen and her team started seeing more data on their retargeting audiences, offline conversions, and overall performance.

And since Wanchen now had confidence in the accuracy of the performance data, she also started using Madgicx's Autonomous Budget Optimizer to automate the entire budget management of her ad accounts and keep their performance optimized 24/7.

Their Success

Light at the End of the Funnel

MCT ended Wanchen’s search for the most effective tracking solution. Her team now has accurate data they can use to retarget most of their website visitors and leverage automation with confidence.

This massively helped them maximize their ad ROI and bring in the level of revenue they needed to continue the business operations.

  • 64% increase in Attributed Conversions
  • 20% Lift in Retargeting Audience Data
  • From 0 to 12.72 Retargeting ROAS

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