An American beat leasing business tripled its ROAS using Madgicx’s Automation Tactics and Strategic Dashboard.

Wyshmasterbeats | Madgicx case study

“Madgicx is for the company that needs help with their day-to-day FB ads. It works for you instead of you working for Facebook.”

Adam "Wyshmaster" Cherrington
founder and CEO of Wyshmasterbeats
Their Story

Multi-genre creating production

Wyshmasterbeats is a beat leasing company which caters to all styles of music. It was founded by Adam “Wyshmaster'' Cherrington, who started out as a DJ and is known to be one of the originators of online beat leasing. Wyshmaster has been working in the music industry for over 15 years and is responsible for countless hits throughout his career. He is a Grammy-nominated and Multi-Platinum selling music producer specializing in creating beats for Trap, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Afro, Reggaeton, and more.

Wyshmasterbeats | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Freeing time to handle clients

Wyshmaster found ad campaign management to be extremely time-consuming. He was looking for a solution that would allow him to monitor his ads while still having the time to provide his clients with high-quality service, which is his highest priority.

Their Solution

Running campaigns on auto-pilot

Wyshmaster started running campaigns with Madgicx in January 2020.He set up Automation Tactics to optimize his ads on auto-pilot and used the Strategic Dashboard to monitor his campaigns. For him, it was like having an ad buyer taking care of his Facebook ads.He went from breaking-even on ad spend to turning a profit. In his line of business, marketing is a huge part of company expenses; so he was incredibly pleased when Madgicx's tactics increased efficiency enough to allow him to divert parts of his budget to other areas of his business.

Wyshmasterbeats | Madgicx case study
Their Success

Sounds like profits

Wyshmasterbeats ran acquisition campaigns with Madgicx from January 5-February 3, 2020 resulted in:

  • 3x ROAS
  • 4x Purchases
  • 5x Leads

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