Just 5 months in, this e-com brand has already seen notable improvements in its performance since working with the Madgicx agency.


And for me, having that kind of relationship with your agency is better than being promised big, unrealistic things that often result in disappointment.

Dominic Symons
Founder of Subminimal
Their Story

New ways to spice up your coffee at home

SUBMINIMAL designs, manufactures, and sells coffee-making products that help people make the perfect espresso-based drinks at home. They’re known for their patented milk frother that can be used for latte art.

Like many business owners who want to focus on what they do best, Subminimal's founder wanted to find the right ad agency to take care of the time-consuming side of the business: advertising.

Their Goal

Take the advertising work off their plate

Having had bad experiences with other ad agencies before, Dominic wanted to find a long-term solution that could effectively manage his ad account and deliver a decent ROI.

Their Solution

Best of both worlds: AI and Human Expertise

Dominic turned to the Madgicx Agency, where he was assigned a team of advertisers who have the expertise and experience in scaling ad accounts using the Madgicx platform.

Considering Facebook’s poor data tracking was a major concern for Dominic, the agency first set up Madgicx Cloud Tracking: a system that uses server-to-server tracking and offline conversions to send accurate data to Facebook.

The agency then started using the Madgicx platform to speed up all the tedious media-buying work (from data reporting to ad automation), giving them the ability to act on data fast.

For Dominic, having both a team of experts and a machine that does all the heavy lifting is a powerful combination.

But apart from that, he also loves the overall experience of working with the agency, as he can openly communicate problems and concerns with the team. “I really feel that we’re working toward the same goal: growing my business,” Dominic said in our interview with him.

Their Success

More time to design products

Working with the agency gave Dominic the confidence to grow his business through Facebook ads and, more importantly, the time to focus on doing what he does best: finding market gaps and designing products to fill such gaps.

  • 1.26x ROAS
  • 1.25x Revenue
  • 1.47x AOV

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