Clean Skin Club

The all-natural American skincare and lifestyle company made Facebook its number one sales channel using Madgicx’s Audiences.

Clean Skin Club: | Madgicx case study
return on ad spend
decrease in cost per purchase
Instagram followers

“Madgicx helped us to run our ads on our own. Once you set up automation tactics and launch your ARR audiences strategy, you can be sure that you are not wasting money and investing only in the right audiences."

Ben Imberman
CEO & Co-Founder of Clean Skin Club
Their Story

Beauty that makes sense

Clean Skin Club is a fast-growing all-natural cosmetics brand established in the US in 2017. It was founded in order to provide healthy and sustainable solutions for beauty lovers. The club aspires to create a community of people who care about their skin and the products they buy, and strives to create the most innovative products possible for them.

Clean Skin Club: | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

In-house ad management

After working closely with pricey ad agencies, Clean Skin Club decided to manage their Facebook ad account by themselves to cut back on expenses. Since they lacked the necessary ad-buying knowledge, they looked for an economical solution that could bridge the gap effectively and turned to Madgicx.

Their Solution

Discover top-performing audiences

In 2019 Clean Skin Club started running Retargeting and Acquisition campaigns with Madgicx. They tested many of Madgicx’s Acquisition Prospecting Audiences and by setting Automation Tactics with strict limitations, they were able to focus specifically on top-performing audiences that were driving their profits. This led to dramatic growth in the brand’s Instagram followers, which grew from 4,000 to 36,000.At this stage, they leveraged their pixel data and launched Madgicx’s Re-Engagement Audiences in an attempt to gain new customers without spending much. These audiences became the foundation for the Top Seed Audiences to lookalike from in order to further increase the company’s reach.Clean Skin Club used Madgicx's Creative Insights to figure out which image is most effective for their customers and found that images highlighting their 100% organic, biodegradable, and cruelty-free "Clean Towels" performed best. They then focused on creating more ads that explain the positive effects of using disposable facial towels. As a result, this became the company’s top-of-the-funnel ad.Clean Skin Club succeeded in running their ads in-house with Madgicx while significantly increasing their reach and building a solid customer base.

Clean Skin Club: | Madgicx case study
Their Success

Organic traffic increase

Clean Skin Club ran Acquisition and Retargeting Madgicx campaigns in 2019 and achieved the following results:

  • 2.2x ROAS
  • 36.7% decrease in cost-per-purchase
  • 2.5x CTR
  • 4.5x Instagram followers

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