This US-based brand went from barely getting a ROAS of 1 to reaching their highest-grossing month ever on Shopify, thanks to the Madgicx Agency.

Monthly Ad Spend

What I appreciate about the Madgicx Agency is that they’re super honest and passionate about helping my business. We're probably not the biggest account they handle, but I never felt like I wasn’t worth their time - I never felt like I was just another account.

Stacie Bloomfield
Founder of Gingiber
Their Story

Timeless goods for the young at heart

Gingiber is a D2C brand that crafts and sells various artistic household items, including tea towels, embroidery kits, and stickers. They’re known for designs that feature bold and vibrant colors and unexpected patterns.

They had been able to hit decent ROAS for years until Facebook ads started going through significant changes in 2021, leaving them struggling to maintain even a ROAS of 1.

Their Goal

Get their ROAS back on track

Stacie, the founder of Gingiber, wanted to bring their ROAS back to a level that could sustain the business and eventually start scaling further.

Their Solution

The 360-Degree E-com Scaling Plan

Stacie reached out to the Madgicx Agency, and from the get-go, the agency has been completely honest with her - they knew that the ROAS she wanted would take time to build.

But instead of focusing solely on the ROAS, they set out a holistic strategy to improve Gingiber's overall business results.

From their Shopify website to their Klaviyo newsletter, the agency has optimized every nook and cranny of Gingiber’s marketing strategy on top of managing the brand’s Facebook and Google ads.

It has also become easier for Stacie and her team to be in control of their advertising since the Madgicx Agency has access to a vast network of resources to fill their advertising needs. These include the Madgicx app, which helps them analyze and act on results faster.

Ultimately, the agency has taken Gingiber from barely getting any ROI to being able to scale their budget while ensuring profitability every step of the way.

Their Success

"Worth every penny"

In less than a year of working with the agency, Gingiber has already set a new record for their highest-grossing month on Shopify and have seen impressive growth in their KPIs, including:

  • 3x ROAS
  • 1.57x Revenue
  • 2.85x Monthly Ad Spend

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