A.M. Fishing

From tracking to automation, this brand has finally found the ideal all-in-one solution that has helped them scale with Facebook ads in just a few months.

125% increase in data accuracy
175% increase in ROAS
30% decrease in cost per purchase

“I just don't see how you can advertise profitably on a consistent basis without some kind of tracking like Madgicx’s. It's basically gambling at that point.”

Montgomery Medley
Owner of A.M. Fishing
Their Story

Innovatively-designed baits

A.M. Fishing is an e-com brand based in South Texas that manufactures and sells unique fishing lures as well as fishing gear and apparel.

They had been running Facebook ads for months until they found that their tracking was off by 60%-70%, which led to a lot of overspending.

Their Goal

Fix tracking to start scaling

Montgomery, the owner of A.M. Fishing, knew that in order to advertise profitably on Facebook, he first needed to find a solution to fix his tracking.

Their Solution

Cloud tracking, automation, and more

Upon hearing about Madgicx, Montgomery decided to have Madgicx’s tracking solution set up for A.M. Fishing. Madgicx Cloud Tracking (MCT) is a server-to-server tracking system that sends accurate data back to Facebook so it can optimize the business' ad account.

The accurate tracking allowed Montgomery to make better decisions more quickly instead of having to reconcile data from different sources each time he had to make a decision.

After installing MCT, Montgomery was also introduced to other solutions, including Madgicx's automation. It allowed him to easily set up custom rules to stop underperforming ads from exhausting his budget even when he's offline.

The automation+MCT combo has given Montgomery peace of mind, knowing that his automation is working based on accurate, reliable numbers.

Montgomery also used Madgicx’s pre-set audiences. These are ready-to-deploy audiences in Madgicx that he was able to launch quickly, saving him hours of manually setting up audiences. 

This feature made audience testing easier by helping him pinpoint the audiences with the highest conversion potential faster and eventually double down on the most profitable ones.

Lastly, having the app on his phone has made it convenient for him to monitor his ad performance on the go.

Their Success

Turning the tide with Madgicx

What started as a hunt for a tracking solution turned into a discovery of multiple solutions for A.M. Fishing’s entire ad workflow.

According to Montgomery, what makes Madgicx the best app is that it has both tracking and ad automation solutions, unlike other apps that need to be integrated with other software to be maximized.

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