Sri Vishwanath

An American author saw a remarkable increase in ROAS and purchases after utilizing Madgicx’s Audiences and Automation Tactics.

Sri Vishwanath | Madgicx case study
Landing Page Views

I saw results with Madgicx from day 1, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who runs Facebook ads. There’s a very beautiful intelligence inside of Madgicx. It is a magical combination of intelligence, creativity, and good intentions. You can blindly trust Madgicx to deliver results. It’s impossible to fail with this platform.

Sri Vishwanath
Their Story

World-renowned author in meditation and spirituality

Anantharaman Vishwanath, popularly known as Sri Vishwanath, is the author of eleven popular transformational books including No-Nonsense Meditation, Seven Spiritual Strategies: "How The Enlightenment Code Can Change Your Life", "The Secret of Bhagavad Gita", "Give Up Your Excess Baggage", and "Zero Effort".

Sri Vishwanath | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

A clear ad account analysis

Sri Vishwanath chose Madgicx for its ability to provide a clear analysis and comprehensive performance reports in just a few clicks.

Their Solution

Improving targeting with Audiences and insights

After he signed up, Sri Vishwanath had an onboarding call with one of our Madgicxians, who helped him set up Automation Tactics in order to avoid overspending on unprofitable ad sets. The Madgicxian also assisted him in testing various Madgicx Audiences which led him to discover that the “Top Seed Audiences to Lookalike from” were the most profitable.Sri Vishwanath also utilized Madgicx’s Creative Clusters and Ad Copy Insights to monitor his ad performance and identify his best ad copies. Afterward, he used the Smart Filters to compare his performance on different placements and among different age groups and then leveraged this data to improve his targeting.Thanks to Madgicx, Sri Vishwanath extended his reach and expanded to new markets outside the US, such as Australia, the UK, Denmark, and New Zealand. Madgicx helped him increase his ROAS nearly threefold, which was a huge improvement since he was barely breaking even beforehand.

Sri Vishwanath | Madgicx case study
Their Success

Good intentions, better results

Sri Vishwanath started running campaigns with Madgicx at the beginning of 2020 and saw the following incredible results:

  • 2.84x ROAS
  • 5.15x Purchases
  • 4x Landing Page Views

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