Tanganyika Wildlife Park

The American non-profit wildlife park has achieved incredible results in just 1 month of running Facebook ads with Madgicx, without having any prior knowledge in the field whatsoever.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park | Madgicx case study

Subscribing to Madgicx is like buying a Mercedes or a BMW - you don’t need to understand how amazing the motor and the engineering are, you just know that it works. Get in and drive the car, and ask a mechanic for help if you need any. It’s the best car out there, and it’ll help you scale.

Peter Murphy
CSO and CMO of Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Their Story

Breeding rare and endangered species

The Fouts family has built one of the largest, family-owned zoos in the country from nothing. They did it with hard work, dedication, and passion to be stewards for animals in their care and in the wild. With over 40 exhibits featuring 10 interactive stations, over 400 animals, and 37 successful breeding programs, their family-owned facility in Goddard, KS continues to be a world leader in breeding rare and endangered species.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Tap into Facebook ad expertise

Tanganyika had no knowledge of Facebook ads and they wanted to bridge this gap by utilizing Madgicx’s insights and built-in solutions.

Their Solution

Way more than beginners’ luck

The most amazing thing about Tanganyika’s incredible success is that they had no experience and no knowledge of Facebook ads whatsoever before they started using Madgicx.Every year in March, Tanganyika has a flash sale for a season pass for their wildlife park. This year, they increased the price, so they’ve decided to boost their sales with an advertising campaign. Specifically, they wanted to focus on Facebook ads in order to leverage the platform’s huge exposure potential, and also since they thought their rare animal images will give them a competitive edge in a visually-focused environment such as Facebook.First things first, Tanganyika made sure to set up the Stop-Loss Automation Tactic to protect themselves from losing on underperforming ads. Moreover, they set a Custom Automation that helped them maintain the frequency of their retargeting campaigns below a certain level to avoid audience fatigue.Regarding creative production, Tanganyika didn’t have enough resources to come up with new creative designs, so they had to make the most of what they already had. Hence, they utilized Madgicx’s Creative Insights to maximize their results by focusing on the creatives that worked best for them and showing them to the audience that resonated with them the most.As inexperienced Facebook advertisers, Tanganyika had a hard time analyzing their account’s performance using the Facebook Ads Manager. However, Madgicx’s Creative Insights and Ad Copy Insights provided them with clear actionable insights. For example, they learned that longer ad copies had worked better for them than shorter ones, while 60-second videos or longer had been their top-performing creatives. Then, they simply created more of these winning formats to boost their revenues.At first, Tanganyika’s goal was to keep their ROAS above 4 in order to be profitable, and as long as they have, they kept scaling their ad spend. After just one month of managing and optimizing their ads with Madgicx, they reached ROAS they didn’t even dream of.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park | Madgicx case study
Tanganyika Wildlife Park | Madgicx case study
Their Success

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto

Tanganyika started with Facebook ads and immediately connected their account to Madgicx. Within their first month ever of running Facebook ads, they achieved the following unbelievable results:

  • 80 ROAS
  • $400K Revenue

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