Arrows and Lace Boutique

The American kid fashion boutique utilized Madgicx’s executive and insight tools, which resulted in a dramatic increase in purchases and in profitability while scaling their budget.

Arrows and Lace Boutique | Madgicx case study
Amount Spent

With Madgicx, I feel like the possibilities are endless, especially for someone who is just starting out and has no idea about Facebook ads, which might be very confusing. Madgicx’s platform just makes it seamless and easy to navigate and identify your top-performing creatives and ad copies. On top of that, the best part of Madgicx is the team, where everyone is so helpful. It’s a great feeling for a small business to have such attentive customer support.

Natalia Tyshkevich
Founder & CEO of Arrows & Lace Boutique
Their Story

A Mama-owned and curated shop

Arrows + Lace Boutique is an online store for kids fashion established in 2017. Their mission is to carefully hand select the most affordable, trendy, and adorable kids items to make it easier for busy parents to shop. They personally test each item they sell on their own little ones to make sure that everything is perfect.

Arrows and Lace Boutique | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Scaling and remaining profitable

Arrows + Lace Boutique wanted to scale their ad account and still maintain a high ROAS. They needed help analyzing ad performance and guidance on how to scale them. This is why they turned to Madgicx.

Their Solution

Enjoying the whole all-in-one platform

Luckily for Arrows + Lace Boutique, their website was already running for 2 years before they started advertising on Facebook. Therefore, they already had enough pixel data to create lookalike audiences based on customer lists.Before they started using Madgicx, Arrows + Lace Boutique focused solely on Acquisition campaigns and never ran Retargeting ones. Thanks to the detailed overview provided by Madgicx’s Strategic Dashboard, they identified this issue and started launching Retargeting Audiences, such as website visitors who added to the cart. These audiences drove more purchases at a lower cost.To take their account performance to the next level, Arrows + Lace Boutique used the Dashboard to monitor their CPP and ensure their account remains profitable. They also used Creative Clusters to analyze their creative performance, and Campaign Overview to understand which campaigns were ready for scaling according to their actual daily performance.Utilizing a variety of Madgicx’s tools helped Arrows + Lace Boutique obtain a clear picture of their ad account and build a solid advertising strategy, which led to a dramatic increase in their profitability while scaling their account!

Their Success

A fashion statement

After just one month of running campaigns with Madgicx, Arrows + Lace Boutique saw a dramatic increase in purchases and managed to increase their profitability while scaling their budget by 7x!These are their results in detail:

  • 15x Purchases
  • 2.7x ROAS
  • 7x Amount Spent

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