Natural Acne Clinic

An American clinic for treating acne saw a great increase in purchases and a decrease in cost-per-purchase using Madgicx’s Audiences and Automation Tactics.

Natural Acne Clinic | Madgicx case study
Online Purchases
Decrease in CPP

“Just 3-5 days into the trial period I realized what Madgicx was capable of, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, we have to get these results to Madgicx as a case study!’ The coolest things about Madgicx are the different Audiences it can create based on the user’s pixel data and the Dashboard, which presents information better than Facebook Ads Manager. I was really excited about putting in the Automation Tactics as well.”

Michael Gremley
President & COO of Natural Acne Clinic
Their Story

Get clear for good

The Natural Acne Clinic is based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and offers personalized programs for treating different types of acne. The clinic employs a team of acne specialists with more than 25 years of experience who together compose fully-integrated and customized treatment plans for unique causes and triggers of acne. The treatment plan lasts 16 weeks and is adjusted based on the client’s reaction to the treatment. After this plan ends, the clinic offers a maintenance program to make sure their clients remain acne-free.

Natural Acne Clinic | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Gaining new clients

The Natural Acne Clinic wished to gain new clients regularly through Facebook but didn’t see any results when they started advertising. They realized they lacked knowledge in this field, and that’s why they chose Madgicx.

Their Solution

Optimizing for purchases

Thanks to Madgicx’s help, the Natural Acne Clinic stopped optimizing for clicks and started optimizing for purchases instead.The first thing they did was test the different Audiences Madgicx has to offer in order to find the ones which perform best. That led to an increase in their ROAS within just a few days. Then the clinic had a consulting call with Madgicx’s experts to set up Automation Tactics and increase their ROAS even further.Using Madgicx’s Creative Insights, the clinic found out that they weren’t running any short video ads and that the videos they were using weren’t performing well. Based on those insights and on Madgicx’s recommendations, the clinic designed new creatives that helped increase purchases.Within just two weeks, Madgicx made the Natural Acne Clinic’s Facebook ad account into their main advertising channel. The clinic gained many new clients and saw a dramatic decrease of 88% in cost-per-purchase within a very short period of time.

Natural Acne Clinic | Madgicx case study
Natural Acne Clinic | Madgicx case study
Their Success

It clearly worked

The Natural Acne Clinic ran campaigns using Madgicx in March 2020 and achieved amazing results within just two weeks:

  • 2.8x ROAS
  • 3.2x Website Purchases
  • 88% Decrease in CPP

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