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See All Your Data in One Place | Madgicx Ad Management

The World-Class Tracking and Attribution Solution

We'll set up and manage all the moving parts of a multi-channel tracking system for you to optimize your ad performance reporting.

  • S2S Tracking

    We’ll set up first-party tracking to process and collect data on your own server (cloud). That will make your tracking less susceptible to third-party limitations - such as the iOS privacy policy - which affect the accuracy of your data.

  • Google Tag Manager

    The Google Tag Manager will allow your web pages to report any event you want to track (purchase, add-to-cart, etc.). It'll help you better understand which actions your customers take on your website lead to conversions and help you tailor your strategy accordingly.

  • Google Analytics

    We’ll use Google Analytics (GA) to break down the data collected across different channels and provide all the insights you need to understand your performance. GA can be tricky, so it’s crucial to have it set up correctly from the beginning to avoid misleading results that can turn into costly mistakes.

  • Offline Conversions

    Offline conversions were initially created to connect online and offlines sales. In the post-iOS 14 era, this method has become an indispensable first-party tracking tool. We’ll help you leverage Facebook offline conversions to enjoy a longer attribution window, segment performance data, and become less limited by third-party restrictions.

  • UTM Structure

    Your UTMs serve as the foundation for organized and efficient multi-channel tracking, so it’s crucial to structure them the right way. We’ll build a consistent structure for all the UTM parameters you use and apply it across your entire ad account to ensure you’re not missing out on critical performance data that can affect your strategy.

  • Meta Pixel + Conversions API

    While the Meta pixel can still pick up a fair amount of data, using the Conversions API on top of it will help Facebook track the events it would’ve missed by using only the pixel. The Meta pixel and Conversions API are the basis for tracking ad performance on Facebook, so we need to ensure they’re set up the right way to track your most important events.

Go from Analysis to Action in Seconds

Madgicx is the only solution that combines analytics with execution in one platform. Our management tools let you increase campaign budgets in bulk, pause multiple ad sets at once, and take all other optimization actions in the same place where you analyze your data.

Go from Analysis to Action in Seconds | Madgicx Ad Management
See All Your Data in One Place | Madgicx Ad Management

See All Your Data in One Place

View performance data from Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager in a single dashboard. Gain a clearer view of your account’s performance to tailor your strategies to each audience type according to the ARR funnel: Acquisition, Retargeting, Retention.

Collaborate without the Hassle

Our tools also come with features that facilitate day-to-day team collaboration. Send white-label reports to clients automatically and track changes made by your team to any ad set in real-time.

Collaborate without the Hassle | Madgicx Ad Management

You Deserve a Better Platform to Manage FB & Google Ads

Manage your ads with Madgicx and make your day-to-day routine light and easy. Try our management tools today!

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“Graphically, the way that Madgicx explains the data, everyone on the team, even if they’re novice users, understands what’s working. Then you just need to build that out, pump it back into the Facebook ad account, and let it rock.”

"We were able to quickly define which audiences, copy, and media content were the most effective at reaching our target audience in a ridiculously short period of time."

“Madgicx’s platform just makes it seamless and easy to navigate and identify your top-performing creatives and ad copies.”

The software removes the complexity from analyzing performance in Ads Manager and quickly lets you zero in on your best creatives and audiences.

Leisure, Travel & Tourism

"Madgicx is a GAMECHANGER! I felt like I have been going around in circles trying to understand Facebook Ads, and stumbled across Madgicx. This has been the BEST decision I've made for my business! My ROAS has definitely increased and is getting better every day.

Darrin C

With the AI components of the software, we build campaigns we would never have thought of before.

Bart Pels

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