White Label Every Facebook Asset You Create

Create campaigns, ad sets, and ads - all under your agency’s name. Madgicx’s White Labeling lets you set up the naming convention you want so your clients can instantly identify the assets created by your agency. Plus, it helps your team keep the ad accounts nice and clean.

White Label Every Facebook Asset You Create
Send White-Label Reports Anytime

Send White-Label Reports Anytime

Send customized PDF reports to your clients daily, monthly, or at any specified time. These white-label reports come complete with funnel stage breakdowns, relevant KPIs, and even your agency’s logo.

Impress Your Clients with More Efficient Workflows

Stay organized and consistent with Madgicx’s white-labeling features - your clients will thank you later.

I got a sale the first day with Madgicx. Now only three weeks in, I'm up 810% in overall sales. It's really only getting better, and they eliminate the element of chance on your ad spend with all the different test audiences they're able to launch quickly and analyze the results.

Adrienne L

When I go to another marketing agency and look at their account structure, I feel like asking them, “How are you not using Madgicx?! Do you not realize how much time and how many employees this will save you?”

Jordan West
Founder & CEO of Mindful Marketing

“I signed up for Madgicx, clicked a few buttons, and after 2-3 days I already doubled my ROAS. Initially, I thought it might have been just a lucky shot, but after a month we managed to maintain this strong performance and I wasn’t even using the full power of Madgicx."

Ian Allcoat
CEO of Glasses2You

Focus on Things that Truly Matter

Repetitive (but crucial) tasks like naming campaigns properly and preparing reports for clients can take a chunk of your time. Let Madgicx take these tasks off your plate so you can focus more of your time on strategy, content creation, and scaling your agency.

Focus on Things that Truly Matter

Keep Your Team in the Loop

Add your teammates to the list of people you want to send white-label reports to automatically. This way, you can also keep them updated with the performance of their clients without the need for another meeting.

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