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Facebook ad performance can be highly volatile. That’s why you need an ad automation solution that immediately reacts to any changes to ensure you max your ROAS.

  • 24/7 Facebook ad optimization
  • Ultimate budget protection
  • Based on proven media-buying techniques
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Don’t Get Stuck in front of FB Ads Manager | Madgicx Automation

The World-Class Tracking and Attribution Solution

We'll set up and manage all the moving parts of a multi-channel tracking system for you to optimize your ad performance reporting.

  • S2S Tracking

    We’ll set up first-party tracking to process and collect data on your own server (cloud). That will make your tracking less susceptible to third-party limitations - such as the iOS privacy policy - which affect the accuracy of your data.

  • Google Tag Manager

    The Google Tag Manager will allow your web pages to report any event you want to track (purchase, add-to-cart, etc.). It'll help you better understand which actions your customers take on your website lead to conversions and help you tailor your strategy accordingly.

  • Google Analytics

    We’ll use Google Analytics (GA) to break down the data collected across different channels and provide all the insights you need to understand your performance. GA can be tricky, so it’s crucial to have it set up correctly from the beginning to avoid misleading results that can turn into costly mistakes.

  • Offline Conversions

    Offline conversions were initially created to connect online and offlines sales. In the post-iOS 14 era, this method has become an indispensable first-party tracking tool. We’ll help you leverage Facebook offline conversions to enjoy a longer attribution window, segment performance data, and become less limited by third-party restrictions.

  • UTM Structure

    Your UTMs serve as the foundation for organized and efficient multi-channel tracking, so it’s crucial to structure them the right way. We’ll build a consistent structure for all the UTM parameters you use and apply it across your entire ad account to ensure you’re not missing out on critical performance data that can affect your strategy.

  • Meta Pixel + Conversions API

    While the Meta pixel can still pick up a fair amount of data, using the Conversions API on top of it will help Facebook track the events it would’ve missed by using only the pixel. The Meta pixel and Conversions API are the basis for tracking ad performance on Facebook, so we need to ensure they’re set up the right way to track your most important events.

Go Beyond Human Limits

Let’s face it, automation is always faster and more efficient than humans. When a media buyer manually turns off a losing ad, it’s already too late. So, why not let Madgicx’s autonomous machine keep your budget safe at all times?

Go Beyond Human Limits | Madgicx Automation
Don’t Get Stuck in front of FB Ads Manager | Madgicx Automation

Don’t Get Stuck in front of FB Ads Manager

No need to waste half your workweek doing the same media-buying tasks that our Facebook ad automation software can do (minus the human error). You should focus your time on the things that really move the needle: strategy, creative production, etc.

Squeeze Your Performance to the Max

Facebook ads is about making money. If you want to make the most of it, you must have an automation solution that manages your budget on every level from macro (ad account) to micro (ad set) across all funnel stages.

Squeeze Your Performance to the Max | Madgicx Automation

Don’t Leave Your Budget Unprotected!

Losing ads might quickly burn through your budget. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

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Start Free Trial

“Graphically, the way that Madgicx explains the data, everyone on the team, even if they’re novice users, understands what’s working. Then you just need to build that out, pump it back into the Facebook ad account, and let it rock.”

"We were able to quickly define which audiences, copy, and media content were the most effective at reaching our target audience in a ridiculously short period of time."

“Madgicx’s platform just makes it seamless and easy to navigate and identify your top-performing creatives and ad copies.”

The automation has made it so nice for me to be able to walk away from my Facebook ads, but know that my budget is still in good hands and not going to go out of whack.

Katie C
Author, Freelancer

Madgicx is like a well-trained employee that knows when to cut losing ads and scale winning ads.

Todd K
Co-Founder & President

This facebook automation software is a real game-changer.

Samuel K

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