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Work Less - Achieve More

Ad optimization, shifting ad budgets, and duplicating ad sets can be tedious and keep you busy almost 24/7. But with Madgicx, your Facebook ad automation tool, you don’t need to do it yourself anymore!

Our pre-built automation templates and custom automation capabilities cover all the technical daily tasks performed by media buyers. These efficient automation strategies will make sure you make the most out of your ad spend while saving you a ton of time and work.

Whether you own a business and want to focus on strategy instead of micro-tasks, or you have an ad agency and want to manage more clients without hiring more manpower, Madgicx is here for you.

Work less - achieve more | Facebook Ad Automation and Optimization Software
Simply launch pre-built automated rules | Facebook Ad Automation and Optimization Software

Simply Launch Pre-Built Automated Rules

Efficiently optimize your Facebook ad campaigns with our pre-packaged automation tactics. Based on expert ad-buying knowledge, these rules will help you boost your ROAS, drive more conversions, and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.

We know it takes time for Facebook advertisers to find their target audience and their most profitable creatives. You need to experiment with many different ad types, placements, and ad formats before you can achieve the ultimate results.

However, our automated rules will make sure you’re not wasting money on losing ad sets while testing different audiences and creatives. Moreover, our automation will let you scale winning Facebook advertising campaigns and double down on your success.

Enjoy Real-Time Optimization

While the market standard for Facebook ad tools is 15-30 minutes for recurring checks, Madgicx’s rules really trigger in real-time!

The automation started working the very first day. I was amazed by the low cost of my ad sets. Truly great stuff.

Alex V

Madgicx is like a well-trained employee that knows when to cut losing ads and scale winning ads.

Todd K
Co-Founder & President

This facebook automation software is a real game-changer.

Samuel K

Create custom automated rules

Not all Facebook advertisers and brands share the same workflows and objectives.

This is why you need an advertising tool like Madgicx, which allows you to create personalized strategies that are suitable even for your most complex requirements. Set your imagination free and achieve your most specific goals.

In addition, our platform lets you accurately control triggering time and make sure your tactics operate when it counts. Madgicx also provides you with helpful insights concerning your key metrics in order to run your ads when they’ll be most effective.

Create Custom Automated Rules | Facebook Ad Automation and Optimization Software
Get automatic ad performance reports | Facebook Ad Automation and Optimization Software

Get automatic ad performance reports

When you run Facebook ads, it’s crucial to monitor your key metrics regularly to derive insights and make data-driven decisions regarding your next steps.

With Madgicx, you can enjoy the full Facebook marketing automation experience and get automatic reports on your Facebook ads performance directly to your email inbox.

You can track clicks, purchases, website conversions, and any other KPI and easily report to your supervisor, manager, or agency clients. For agencies, we also provide white-labeling capabilities to generate reports with your own signature.

In addition, we provide you with a customizable Strategic Dashboard for in-depth performance analysis, and on top of that, you can install our Madgicx Mobile app to track your results in real-time from anywhere in the world – no desktop needed (internet access is still necessary, however ;)).

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