Access Madgicx’s Exclusive AI Audiences™

Leverage Audience Launcher’s AI technology to discover and target your most profitable audiences. Launch 27 audiences created based on an eRFM model.

Access Madgicx’s Exclusive AI Audiences™ | Madgicx Audience Launcher
Leverage Data-Driven Targeting | Madgicx Audience Launcher

Leverage Data-Driven Targeting

Easily select your best-performing demographics according to historical data. Know your top locations, drop non-profitable regions, and maximize the best placements for your ads. Moreover, Madgicx can schedule your ad launches when they’re most likely to drive conversions.

Launch a Full-Funnel Targeting Strategy in a Few Clicks

What takes 3-4 days in Facebook Ads Manager, you can now get done in a few clicks with Madgicx.

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I'm getting better results with my Facebook ads and it's SO much easier to target new audiences.

Travis Hlavka

I love the audience and how easy it is to set them up. It solved my problem of which target audience to start targeting.

Norman H

I've used a variety of Advertising Tools & Madgicx is by far the best.

Enver M

Target Super Lookalike Audiences

Watch your ROAS take off with Madgicx’s Top Seed Audiences - a unique feature that lets you blend multiple high converting lookalikes into one Super Lookalike Audience. And even better, Madgicx allows you to increase your lookalike percentage up to 20% so you can find your most profitable audiences and push your business forward.

Target Super Lookalike Audiences | Madgicx Audience Launcher
Reach Your Audience Faster | Madgicx Audience Launcher

Reach Your Audience Faster

With the Audience Launcher, you can target as many audiences as you want across the entire sales funnel - all in a few clicks! Madgicx’s pre-built audiences come with automatic exclusions, so you don’t have to worry about manual exclusions and costly overlaps - making the process faster and smoother.

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