The Mexican agency scaled their client’s account to the stars and beyond with Madgicx’s audience AI Marketer, audience targeting, and creative analytics tools.

Customer acquisition cost
Their Story

360° digital implementation

WizerLink agency conceptualizes and implements 360° business generation strategies using customer profiling systems, marketing automation, chatbots integrated into the client’s CRM, organic positioning, and everything necessary to generate customers at the lowest possible price.

Their Goal

Scale big client accounts

WizerLink got a new client (Wine Mexico) that wanted to scale their sales by 4xt, and their ad budget was already $100K/month at the time. Then Marco, WizerLink’s owner, decided to leverage Madgicx to supercharge his team and ensure they nailed it with this big client.

Their Solution

Identifying and scaling winning audiences

The AI Marketer helped Marco’s team discover interests for targeting they would have never thought of themselves (‘people who like orange’). They started testing these audiences with a small budget, as the AI Marketer proposed, and scaled gradually, as Madgicx proposes. As Marco explained, ‘Madgicx taught us how to scale.’

Madgicx’s analytics tools have made it much easier for Marco’s team to understand their Meta ad performance and adapt data-driven working methods. It allows them to analyze data and immediately act upon their insights to optimize the ad account.

Madgicx’s Targeting Insights and other analytics tools helped Marco’s team identify other winning characteristics of their audiences, such as the ideal audience size. With Madgicx, Marco and his team can easily segment their results and find winning audience segments with better CPAs.

Based on this analysis, they tailor their next creatives to these audience segments based on their interests, gender, etc.

Another tool Marco’s team has been using regularly is Creative Insights. The Creative Matrix helped them identify their winning creatives, and the Creative Performance Trend widget allowed them to spot creatives that suffer ad fatigue and turn them off or replace them.

All of these tools allowed them to generate many creatives for testing and launch four seasonal campaigns in one month. The results were a gigantic increase in the number of sales and a huge decrease in customer acquisition costs.

Their Success

Selling the client’s entire inventory

Within three months, WizerLink has increased Wine Mexico’s sales so massively that the client ran out of inventory and hit a CAC below their goal!

  • 12.44x Sales
  • -37% Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • 9.25x Revenue

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