Discover and Target Hidden Interests

With thousands of audience interests available on Facebook, it’s not always easy to find your needle in this haystack. So, why not let Madgicx automatically reveal new targeting opportunities for you?

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Benefit from Exclusive AI audience Targeting

With Madgicx, you can launch 27 different audiences created based on an eRFM model – engagement Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value. This model leverages AI technology to help you find and target your most profitable Facebook audiences.

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Launch a Full-Funnel Targeting Strategy

Cover the entire customer journey: First, find your target audience on Facebook to acquire new customers. Then, retarget your website visitors to drive more conversions. Lastly, maximize your results with Retention audiences.

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Test Lookalike Audiences You’ve Never Built Before

Explore lookalike audiences that are available only via Facebook’s API. Experiment with lookalike percentages and go all the way up to 20%.

Also, utilize our exclusive Top Seed Audiences to blend multiple profitable lookalike audiences into a single Super Lookalike Audience and watch your ROAS take off.

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Find and target your Next Best Facebook Audience

Find Your Next Best Audience

We use predictive modeling and supervised learning to analyze your performance and identify your next best Facebook audience. So, sit back and let our AI algorithms predict your next best move.

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