AI-Powered Personalization Based on Your Ads’ Performance

Are long text ads crushing it for you? Which words in your ads drive the best results? Do emojis make a huge difference in your conversions?
Madgicx’s AI Copywriter takes your recent performance into account to generate texts that will work for YOUR business.

Cover All the Angles You Should Cover in Your Ads

Find your winning copy and maximize conversions by testing as many versions as you want in one go. The AI Copywriter can generate multiple ads in different structures including FOMO, AIDA, before-after, and more.

Generate Click-Boosting Copy in Seconds

Whether you’re a performance marketer or a brand owner, the AI Copywriter can boost your conversions while saving you hours of hard work.

After discovering the Creative Insights and Ad Copy Insights of Madgicx, I realized we were blindly picking the creatives and pieces of ad copy we "thought" were working the best, when Madgicx can analyze the entire Ads Manager and let us know exactly how much budget we allocated to each creative and what's the ROAS of that creative in total. Now we don't have to guess, we can look at the real numbers. We also learned a lot about how our target audience reacts to different pieces of ad copy when we include a link, emojis, long-text, short-text, etc.

Mario Enrique G

Well laid out making the insights easy to understand helping you choose the best performing textual and image content and then deliver that to a highly relevant audience. The result has seen improved sign-ups and a 25% reduction in cost per sale, no mean feat.

Lewis B

I got a sale the first day with Madgicx. Now only three weeks in, I'm up 810% in overall sales. It's really only getting better, and they eliminate the element of chance on your ad spend with all the different test audiences they're able to launch quickly and analyze the results.

Adrienne L

Save Everything in One Collaborative Library

Keep all your texts in one place so you and your team can stay organized. You can also save your favorite pieces, sort them the way you want, and create a folder for each campaign - all with ease.

Get Content for Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Facebook ads for acquisition and retargeting, landing page headlines, product descriptions, you name it! This writing productivity tool can cover every asset your funnel needs so you can launch your next campaign in no time.

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