Constantly Produce Converting Ads

Get all the tools and services you need to analyze your creatives, prepare efficient design briefs, produce high-quality creatives, write killer ad copy, and make your ads convert like never before.

  • Unified and granular creative insights
  • Unlimited designs for a flat rate
  • AI-powered copywriting
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Send a Brief and Get it Designed in 24 Hours | Madgicx Creatives

Analyze Your Creatives to Know What Works

Ensure you’re using the best ad formats for your audience and identify scalable creatives with intelligent data unification. Utilize object recognition technology to dig deeper and identify the elements in your creatives that drive performance.

Analyze Your Creatives to Know What Works | Madgicx Creatives
Send a Brief and Get it Designed in 24 Hours | Madgicx Creatives

Send a Brief and Get it Designed in 24 Hours

Efficiently create a data-driven design brief based on your creative insights and send it to our professional designers at Sparkle, who will provide you with unlimited graphic and motion design services for a flat rate.

Write Better Ad Copy Faster

Generate high-converting pieces of copy with the AI copywriter based on the words that best resonate with your audience. Test different marketing angles like FOMO or AIDA and personalize them to audience segments and funnel stages.

Write Better Ad Copy Faster | Madgicx Creatives

Creative Production Has Never Been Easier

Madgicx provides you with the ultimate creative production cycle to make sure your ads stay fresh and drive results.

“What I love about Madgicx is how easy it is to create powerful AI Audiences. It has a great UI and user experience and it is really easy to use. It is really fast. You can create high-performing converting ad sets and campaigns in just a few clicks. Madgicx helped me to stabilize and scale my account.”

Andrew Bonnici
E-commerce Senior Executive at Gagliardi

“Madgicx helped us to run our ads on our own. Once you set up automation tactics and launch your ARR audiences strategy, you can be sure that you are not wasting money and investing only in the right audiences."

Ben Imberman
CEO & Co-Founder of Clean Skin Club

"We were able to quickly define which audiences, copy, and media content were the most effective at reaching our target audience in a ridiculously short period of time."

Carlos Ventura
CEO of Feast & Fettle

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