5 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Agency's Productivity

Sep 1, 2022
Aug 30, 2022
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5 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Agency's Productivity

Running an agency is no walk in the park. Learn how Madgicx, as a platform, can help boost your productivity and produce jaw-dropping results for your clients.

Running an agency is no walk in the park. I know because I run one. I mean, managing cash flow, generating leads, pitching services to prospects, closing sales, and continually keeping clients happy can get very stressful at times.

If you’re an ad agency owner, you know you must keep the machine running at all times. Hence, maximum productivity is crucial. In this article, I’ll share how Madgicx, as a platform, can help you boost your productivity and produce jaw-dropping results for clients. 

This is not some generic article in which you’ll find productivity advice like “wake up early” or “eat clean.” The advice in this article is only meant for ad agency owners who are truly committed to using technology to enhance their productivity. If you’re one of them, keep reading to learn the 5 ways to boost productivity using Madgicx. 

#1: Precise tracking

As an ad agency owner, if you’re taking tracking lightly, you might find yourself in trouble. Not tracking user behavior properly will result in poor decisions and extra work to rectify the mess made by those decisions. So, tracking everything precisely from the get-go is a must. 

Now, tracking is not as easy as it used to be before—thanks to the iOS 14 update and customers’ general dislike of data tracking. In fact, ever since Apple updated its operating system in April 2021, tracking accuracy dropped down significantly. It’s hard to produce results in such an environment, and there’s a lot of guesswork and errors.

Does this mean you should shut down your ad agency and start a lemonade stand? Heck no! Instead, you should use state-of-the-art tools to track data and continue to produce lucrative results for your clients. 

Madgicx Cloud tracking, for example, can instantly get you a 20% increase in tracked ad ROI. No more losing money to inaccurate data because Madgicx offers a reliable first-party tracking setup along with offline conversions and event deduplication. This solution requires no coding on your agency's end. 

Madgicx Cloud Tracking

#2: Shortening sales cycle with account auditing

Typically, a sales cycle begins with finding leads, then connecting with and qualifying the right ones. After that, you’ll have to present your offer, overcome objections, and close the deal. All this is easier said than done. But there’s a way to avoid prolonging this cycle and get things done faster— account auditing.

It’s important to effectively audit ad accounts to find and present optimization opportunities to a prospect. You see, audiences that were once driving new sales daily could suddenly die down. Not just this, but even ads fatigue, CPMs climb up, and many other parameters can change. So, how can Madgicx help here? Let’s find out. 

With Madgicx’s Creative Insights, you can tell your prospect which ad format works best for them and which one they're missing out on. This tool will also help them decide which ads they could scale and which ones they should pause due to overspending. They could also identify ads that are suffering ad fatigue and discover which creative elements in their ads drive performance using Madgicx’s AI tags.

Madgicx Creative Insights

Next up is the Facebook Dashboard, through which you can get a clear overview of a prospect’s ad account segmented by funnel stage—Acquisition Prospecting, Acquisition Re-Engagement, Retargeting, and Retention. During an audit, this will help your prospect detect any profitable audiences they’re missing out on. And finally, the Targeting Insights tool will allow you to carefully examine your prospect's targeting strategy and tell them which audience kinds work best for them in each funnel stage.

Madgicx Targeting Insights

Suppose you only rely on built-in tools provided by advertising platforms. In that case, you may find yourself lost in a sea of data, making it impossible to dig deeper and understand why performance is crashing or soaring. Switching to Madgicx will ensure that you have unified data, which will enable you to audit ad accounts a lot faster, find areas of improvement quickly, and bring that client on board. 

#3: Next-level automation 

All advertisers spend time performing tasks that can be that could actually be automated. It can get impossible to stay on top of all your campaigns and budgets if your attention is everywhere, and this can surely affect your clients’ results. It’s crazy to think that even experienced advertisers fall into this trap. Well, the good news is—you don’t have to.

If you use Madgicx for automation, all there’s left for you to focus on is what humans do best—strategy and creatives. So, let’s shed some light on Madgicx’s AI tools that can come in handy during automation.

No more trial and error or missing out on profitable audiences—with Madgicx’s Audience Launcher, you can test every single Facebook audience. This tool can save time because you can launch pre-selected audiences with a few clicks and even mass launch multiple audiences in one go. With the ability to select from 100+ audiences across your sales funnel, you can discover and target the most profitable audiences. So, leave no stone unturned and reach every potential customer you can in a convenient and automated way.

Madgicx Audience Launcher

Next, Madgicx’s Automated Reporting can help you keep everyone in the loop with regular automated reports. If you want to impress your clients by sending consistent Facebook ad reports in a timely manner—without even lifting a finger—then this is the tool for you. Another tool that could help agencies with automation by streamlining workflows is Ads Manager 2.0. This tool lets you optimize multiple assets at once and immediately act upon your insights.

Madgicx Automated Reporting

There are many more tools on Madgicx that can automate a majority of your tasks, which will leave you with heaps of extra time. And this, of course, will take your productivity to the next level. 

#4: Advanced AI to scale your client accounts

Scaling can be complicated because, in order to maximize ad performance, marketers must nail a lot of different aspects of ad campaigns, such as creative, complete funnel building, budget management, analytics, etc. All this takes a lot of time and mental effort. But instead of using your own intelligence to build and manage ads, why not use artificial intelligence and save time?

The Madgicx app, with all its audience templates and recommendations, paired with analytical capabilities and a suite of advanced automation tactics, can handle ad strategy build and management better than any human. Since Madgicx is a white-label Facebook ads management tool, you can use the platform’s AI systems as your own and scale your clients’ ad accounts. This can be your secret weapon, and not only can it improve your productivity, but it can also give you a competitive edge.

One great example of Madgicx’s AI is the AI Copywriter. This tool can generate multiple ads with different copy styles. For example, one ad could be written in the FOMO (fear of missing out) style, and the other could be a social proof ad. All this can be done automatically. Can you believe how far we have come technologically?

But technology is of no use if you don’t leverage it. That’s why you should employ AI whenever you can. By doing so, you can use your mental strength in other areas of the business. 

#5: Foolproof systems

“I like ad agencies that make a lot of mistakes and waste my money,” said no client ever. The fact is, as humans, we are bound to make errors. Even the most seasoned marketers make rookie mistakes from time to time, and this could cost them their reputation and a whole lot of money. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can use Madgicx’s automation to create systems that mitigate the most common day-to-day ad account management problems. For instance, you could create a system through which you can pause underperforming ads permanently. So, if you're enjoying a night out with your family and friends on a Saturday, you don’t have to wait till Monday to review and pause underperforming ads—the system will automatically do it for you on that Saturday night itself and save your client’s ad budget.  

Likewise, you could use similar automation rules to scale your campaigns on autopilot, empowering you to systemize the things you’d otherwise do manually.

The bottom line is that systems equal productivity, and a lack of systems means chaos. Now, it’s up to you to make a wise choice.


If you run an ad agency like me in this day and age, then you may already know that state-of-the-art technology is our bread and butter.

We cannot just rely on third-party platforms like Facebook or Google for data-driven decisions. And to be honest, most clients can use Facebook Business Manager and Google Analytics themselves, so what’s your relevance in their lives?

The answer is first-party tracking and platforms that have superior AI. Not to mention how much these platforms can help when it comes to increasing productivity. So, if you want to learn more about Madgicx, check out their website.

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Sep 1, 2022
Aug 30, 2022
Madis Birk

Following his passion for outdoor adventures, Madis founded BirkAds - the only agency in Europe that specializes in Optimizing Ads ROI for the Outdoor Industry. He has audited over 3,000 campaigns, conducted over 672 hours of coaching sessions, and managed ads for more than 70 companies worldwide.

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