Build Your Dream Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboard

One-Click Report instantly pulls all your data from different sources and organizes them into customizable dashboards. It saves you hours of data compilation so you can go from insights to profit-boosting actions in minutes.

  • Multiple channels combined in one report
  • Drag-and-drop visual report builder
  • Report templates created by top marketers
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Visualize Performance from All Channels in One Place

Save yourself the time and hassle of switching between different tools each time you need to find an answer. 

One-Click Report supports Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. Just connect the tool to one or more of these channels, and it will automatically combine all your data into the reports you create.

Create Reports that Can Answer Your Everyday Questions

The only person who knows what you need most is YOU. And with this tool’s drag-and-drop visual report builder, you’ll have the power to choose only the graphs, tables, and metrics that matter to your decision-making.

Not to mention, there's no coding or technical knowledge needed.

Leverage Report Templates Used by Industry Experts

Not sure which metrics to focus on or how you should track them? No problem!

One-Click Report offers a selection of proven report templates that come from top marketers. You can use them to instantly create reports with your data. Even better? These templates will give you a clear idea of how experts analyze their performance.

Maximize Your Data with the E-Commerce Marketing Cockpit

Compare and track all the metrics you want in one place and never miss crucial data points again.

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Well laid out making the insights easy to understand helping you choose the best performing textual and image content and then deliver that to a highly relevant audience. The result has seen improved sign-ups and a 25% reduction in cost per sale, no mean feat.

Lewis B

It is easier to optimize big accounts. Definitely a time saver.

Vlad C

"Madgicx is a GAMECHANGER! I felt like I have been going around in circles trying to understand Facebook Ads, and stumbled across Madgicx. This has been the BEST decision I've made for my business! My ROAS has definitely increased and is getting better every day.

Darrin C

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