One Report to Track Them All

Gathering all your data from different advertising channels is time-consuming and extremely complicated. One-Click Report streamlines your entire marketing analytics, so you don’t have to wait until month-end to make crucial business decisions.

  • Cross-channel reporting, including MER & blended ROAS
  • Ready-to-use templates created by marketing pros
  • Agency dashboards to manage all your clients
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Visualize Performance from All Channels in One Place

Combine all the advertising channels you want to track into a single report! One-Click Report can pull data from Facebook, Google, and Shopify so you can make the most comprehensive reports that can answer all your everyday questions.

Track Your Ad Business Results in Real Time

Net profit, blended ROAS, MER - no need to wait for monthly reports to monitor these crucial e-com KPIs. One-Click Report shows LIVE figures of your most relevant metrics so you can make important decisions (and take action) right when needed. No more month-end surprises.

Even better? You can easily set and track goals in your reports to help you reach your target revenue, ROAS, and more.

No Data Analyst? No Problem

With One-Click Report, you can instantly build reports using the available templates made by top marketers or use a drag-and-drop visual report builder to create one from scratch. No coding or technical knowledge needed.

Not to mention, you can also share reports with your teammates (or clients) and duplicate existing ones in a few clicks!

Lost in the Data Jungle?

Get the most crucial KPIs right in front of your eyes with One-Click Report.

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Well laid out making the insights easy to understand helping you choose the best performing textual and image content and then deliver that to a highly relevant audience. The result has seen improved sign-ups and a 25% reduction in cost per sale, no mean feat.

Lewis B

It is easier to optimize big accounts. Definitely a time saver.

Vlad C

"Madgicx is a GAMECHANGER! I felt like I have been going around in circles trying to understand Facebook Ads, and stumbled across Madgicx. This has been the BEST decision I've made for my business! My ROAS has definitely increased and is getting better every day.

Darrin C

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