What to Do If Your Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled ⛔

Sep 19, 2023
Sep 19, 2023
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Facebook Ad Account disabled

What to do if your Facebook Ad Account is disabled and everything you can do to reinstate including how to resolve payment issues, rejected ads, and get support.

Are you even a Facebook marketer if your ad account hasn’t been disabled before? 

You log into Ads Manager to check on your ads and see the message that can instill fear in media buyers and business owners alike. 

Nothing fills an advertiser with more dread than a disabled Facebook ad account. And what makes it worse is that there are so many different ways to end up in this position - it can happen to anyone. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you through this challenging time with tips on how to get your ad account up and running again. We’ve done the work for you and have put together a comprehensive list of all the things that can land you in Facebook jail 👮

So, if you’re one of these people, don’t freak out; go and grab a coffee before we get started. 

Recognize the signs of a disabled Facebook ad account

There are a number of ways to tell if your Facebook ad account has been disabled. Some are more obvious than others, depending on how you use Facebook. Here are the most common signs of a disabled ad account:

  1. Unable to create new ads: If you’re trying to create new ads and can’t, this could indicate your ad account is disabled.
  2. Notifications: Check your email or Facebook Ads Manager for any notifications about disabling or policy violations. Typically, you will receive a notification along with the reason.
  3. Rejection of ads: If your ads are repeatedly rejected without clear reasons or are disapproved immediately upon submission, it could suggest an issue with your ad account.
  4. No access to ad account: In some cases, you may suddenly lose access to your ad account, or it may disappear from your Ads Manager dashboard.
  5. No ad metrics: If your active ads are not showing any performance metrics, such as impressions, clicks, or spend, it may be a sign that your ad account is disabled.
  6. Sudden drop in ad performance: While not always a clear sign, sudden and unexplained drops in ad performance could indicate an issue with your ad account's health.
  7. Loss of Business Manager access: If you are using Facebook Business Manager, losing access to it can also be a sign that your ad account is disabled.
  8. Payment issues: If there are problems with your payment method or billing, it can lead to the disabling of your ad account. To prevent this in the future, we recommend regularly checking Ads Manager to make sure your payment settings, especially your credit card details, are updated and correct.
  9. Limited support access: If your ad account is disabled, you may find that your access to Facebook's support channels is limited or restricted.

All of the above scenarios are unpleasant, so the best thing to do is to check to confirm your Facebook ad account is disabled.

Verify if your account has been disabled

Could it be? Is it true? There’s only one way to find out, and that is to check. 

You may see something like the image below. We can’t say for sure as the Facebook experience differs greatly depending on region, and they are continuously updating it.

One of the error messages you can receive for a disabled Facebook ad account. Image shows a big red padlock and an error message that says you can't run ads or manage ad accounts.
Source: Primegate Digital

You may also see a message like this, which tells you what you did wrong: 

Another type of error message you may receive for a disabled Facebook ad account. This text error message includes a reason why and an option to contact Meta.
Source: Social Media Examiner

Go to Facebook Ads Manager, where, usually, you’ll see a red bar indicating that your ad account has been disabled. If this is the case, you should click on the Contact Us link in the error message to submit an appeal to try and get your ad account enabled again.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you will need to check your email notifications for this information. If you get an email, you can follow the instructions inside the mail to submit an appeal (we cover this below, too).

The impact of a disabled Facebook ad account

Being “banned” by Facebook is no laughing matter and can be an event with lasting consequences as it's not always quick or easy to resolve. Here are some examples of the effects of a disabled Facebook account:

  1. Disruption of ads: If your Facebook ad account is disabled, your existing ads won’t run, and you won’t be able to launch any new ones. 
  2. Loss of revenue: Without any active ads, your online sales may be affected, which means you’re more likely to experience a loss in revenue. 
  3. Forced to restrategize: “Now what?” you may be asking yourself. You’ll likely need to come up with new or alternative ways of advertising and find yourself back at the drawing board.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we could do without the headache. 

Why was your Facebook ad account disabled?

No, Facebook is not out to get you. 

A lot of advertisers don’t know the reason why their Facebook ad account was disabled. Chances are that you didn’t follow best practices when launching your ads.

Usually, you’ll get a reason why your account was disabled in the email or Ads Manager notification you receive. 

To put it plainly, there are three main reasons for getting your Facebook account disabled:

  1. High negative feedback percentages
  2. Unusual ad account activity
  3. Not following Facebook’s Advertising Policies
  4. Multiple ad accounts

Most reasons fall within these three main categories, which we’ll be going through below. 

Negative feedback on ads

The people who view your ads can give negative feedback on them, and if it’s negative or excessive, you’re likely to end up with a disabled Facebook ad account. As a rule, excessive negative comments can indicate that your ad is poorly targeted or that you haven’t stuck to the Facebook Community Guidelines or Advertising Standards when creating it. Think twice before using suggestive images or language and sensitive topics.

This is how negative feedback is calculated.

Image of post performance with engagement stats and the negative feedback portion highlighted at the bottom.
Source: Social Media Examiner

In addition, a poor customer feedback score means that you may be penalized further and pay a higher CPM for your ads. 

How do you get around this? By producing high-quality ad content 👑

Unusual activity detected 👽

Any unusual activity in your ad account will be a red flag for Facebook’s algorithm. This is usually related to your payment method(s) and is a safety precaution in place to protect you and your card details 💳 

However, it can also indicate that someone is hacking into your account, you’re spending too much money on ads too quickly, or using a fake profile to run ads. It can also mean the algorithm has detected a duplicate ad account, which is a no-no.

If you receive this error message, you should log into Ads Manager and confirm your payment method and billing details.

Meta takes a hard line on fake accounts, so if it seems like your account is linked to a fake profile, the algorithm may flag the ad account.

It’s important to note that there is no way of telling what the algorithm will flag as unusual in your particular case. This is based on your individual account history and activity.

For example, if you have raised suspicion on the Facebook side with a spike in ad spend, you may be asked to confirm your identity to have your ad account reinstated.

Breach of Facebook ad policies

Now, this is where things start to get a bit blurry for most Facebook advertisers because the list of policies to stick to is long. Moreover, this list is updated as new issues arise, so it’s constantly changing. Nevertheless, if you want to stay off the naughty list, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Meta Advertising Standards list to keep your advertising nose clean. It’s important to note that if you offer subscription services, there is a list of restrictions just for you! 

List of policy violations that can get your ad account disabled:

  • Unacceptable content 🔴

Illegal products and services, misinformation, vaccine discouragement, discriminatory practices, inflammatory content, or militarized social movements and violence-inducing conspiracy networks.

  • Deceptive content 🔴

Unacceptable business practices, cheating and deceitful practices, unrealistic outcomes, circumventing systems, prohibited financial products and services, spyware or malware, and non-existent functionality.

  • Dangerous content 🔴

Unsafe substances, weapons, ammunition, explosives, or tobacco and related products.

  • Objectionable content 🔴

Adult content, grammar or profanity, low quality or disruptive content, personal attributes, sensational content, commercial exploitation of crises and controversial events, personal health or appearance, or the sale of body parts.

Note: Personal attributes include direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person's race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, physical or mental health (including medical conditions), vulnerable financial status, voting status, membership in a trade union, criminal record or name.

Tread carefully…you can advertise these as long as you stick to the rules.

  • Content-specific restrictions 🟠

Alcohol, adult products and services, dating, cosmetic procedures and wellness, online pharmacies, over-the-counter medicine, prescription medicine, drug and alcohol addiction treatment, financial and insurance products and services, cryptocurrency products and services, online gambling and gaming, social casino games, subscription services, and CBD and related products.

  • Intellectual property infringement 🟠

Third-party intellectual property, brand endorsement, brand usage in ads, copyright and trademarks, and user interface screenshots.

This is the same kind of behavior frowned upon in the real world. We have put together a list of useful links where you can find these rules and regulations in more detail at the end of this article 🔽

Multiple ad accounts

If you’ve thought of circumventing Facebook’s rules, you’re not alone. Many advertisers have tried and suffered the consequences. Creating a new ad account is a serious violation and one that can cost you a permanent advertising ban, which cannot be undone. 

You see, Meta’s algorithm can detect this easily and watches out for the same business and account names, admin profiles, and credit card details as a way of flagging this. You are not allowed to have multiple ad accounts for the same business, and if you do, your ad account is very likely to be disabled. 

How to recover a disabled Facebook ad account

There are a few routes you can take to recover your disabled Facebook ad account, but first, you need to work out what you did wrong in the first place.

Identifying the possible cause 🩺

Usually, if Meta disables your ad account, you will be given a reason in the email or the notification in Ad Manager. Here are the most likely suspects:

Has your payment gone through?

One of the most common reasons for getting your Facebook ad account disabled is because of billing issues. The first thing you should do is check your payment history and confirm your payment methods to ensure that this is not the problem.

Sometimes, Meta has a problem charging your card, and often, this issue is because of your bank identifying unusual spending behavior. If your credit card details are correct, and you are still having trouble with your transactions, it’s best to call your bank to ensure there isn’t a problem with your account. 

Too many rejected ads

If your ad account has a history of too many rejected ads, it may flag the algorithm. Furthermore, if you notice that your Facebook ads are in review for longer than usual or you are struggling for approval, it could mean that the algorithm has marked the ad for manual review. 

To get around this issue, we recommend that you follow the Meta Advertising Standards to ensure you are compliant. Any indication that reviews take longer can mean your ad is problematic.

Are you guilty by association?

If you’re a media buyer, you are likely to be an admin on more than one ad account. If this is the case, you could be guilty by association in Meta’s eyes if one of those ad accounts is disabled. This is especially the case with multiple ad rejections (again, you must know the rules).

The algorithm flags associated accounts, credit card details, and other Meta assets that violate their standards, which is very difficult to fix. It’s best to keep your nose clean and ensure that you delete any rejected ads and rectify any flagged issues as soon as possible to avoid this happening.

Contacting the Facebook support team

Contacting Facebook support to have your disabled Facebook ad account reinstated can be a bit challenging, as Facebook's support options are limited and often automated. They’re also different across regions, so you may not have access to all of the options we list. However, here are the possible ways to reach out for assistance:

  • Support Inbox

As mentioned earlier, you can use the Support Inbox to communicate with Facebook regarding your disabled ad account. This is often the primary method for ad account-related issues.

  • Facebook Business Help Center

Visit the Facebook Business Help Center to find information and resources related to advertising on Facebook. While it may not offer direct support, you can often find answers to common questions here.

  • Facebook Business Support Chat (limited availability)

Occasionally, Facebook offers a live chat support option in the Business Help Center. This option is not always available and may vary by region and time.

  • Appeal Forms

If you received an email notification about your ad account being disabled, it might contain a link to an appeal form. You can use this form to submit an appeal directly. It may look like this but differ across accounts and regions.

View of the appeal form that may appear for you to request a review of a restricted or disabled Facebook ad account.

Then, the next form section comes up where you should add more information. This form may appear differently, as we’ve said before. You may not even get a form.

Next part of the appeal form process to request a review of a disabled or restricted Facebook Ad account
  • Email Support

In some cases, Facebook might provide an email address in the notification email for ad account issues. You can try reaching out to this email address if available.

  • Facebook Community

While not a direct support channel, you can post your issue in the Facebook Community. Sometimes, experienced community members or Facebook employees may offer guidance.

It's important to note that Facebook's support for ad account issues can be limited, and response times may vary. When contacting Facebook support, always be clear, concise, and polite in your communication. Provide all necessary information and documentation to support your case, and be patient throughout the process.

Appealing the decision

The best way to submit an appeal is really simple. Just remember to be as accurate as possible in this process and that this experience may differ depending on your region. 

Method 1: Use support chat or email

  1. Log into the Business account associated with the disabled ad account in the Ads Manager or the Meta Business Help Centre.
  2. Find the “?” for the “Help” button in the menu and click on it. You can also look for this section on the Overview page.
The "Still need help" section with the highlighted "Contact support" button.
  1. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your issue from a provided list. Select “My ad account has been disabled”.
  2. Next, choose the associated ad account from a list under “Select asset”.
  3. It’s a good idea to check their support article as it will always offer up-to-date suggestions.
  4. Scroll down to look for a section with a button that says “Contact support” at the bottom of the screen and click it.
  5. Then, choose how you would like to receive help and enter your preferred contact details and a message about what’s going on. You can select chat, phone, or email, and again this depends on your region.

Once this has been completed, it will show in “Your support cases” on the Business Support Home Account overview page.

View of the "Business Support Home" page showing any recent account issues, your accounts, and your support cases sections.

Check back regularly for a response and answer any questions promptly.

💡 Important tip: Avoid submitting multiple appeals for the same issue, as this will complicate the process.

Remember that the outcome of your appeal depends on the specific circumstances and the reason for the account's disabling. Be sure to address the issues pointed out by Facebook and provide a compelling case for reinstating your ad account.

List of possible outcomes for an appeal

When you submit an appeal to Meta for a disabled Facebook ad account, there are several possible outcomes. The specific outcome depends on the reason for the ad account's disabling and the merits of your appeal. Here are the potential outcomes:

  1. Ad account reinstated: In the best-case scenario, Meta may find it valid and reinstate your ad account. You regain full access to your advertising capabilities.
  2. Limited reinstatement: Sometimes, Meta may partially reinstate your ad account, allowing you to run ads with certain restrictions or under close monitoring. They may specify conditions you must meet to maintain this limited access.
  3. Request for additional information: Meta might respond to your appeal with a request for more information or clarification regarding your ad account or the issue that led to its disabling. Provide the requested details promptly to continue the appeal process.
  4. Temporary suspension lifted: In cases where your ad account was temporarily suspended, Meta may lift the suspension once the issue causing the suspension is resolved or the suspension period expires. 
  5. Permanent disabling upheld: Unfortunately, Meta may decide to uphold the disabling of your ad account if they find your appeal insufficient or if the violations are severe. In this case, you will not be able to use the ad account again, and the credit card details associated with it will be flagged.
  6. Escalation to a higher support level: If your initial appeal is denied, you may have the option to escalate your case to a higher level of support or appeal again. Sometimes, persistence can lead to a different outcome.
  7. Account review and monitoring: Meta may conduct a thorough review of your ad account and impose stricter monitoring or auditing. This is often the case when there have been repeated policy violations.
  8. No response: In some cases, you might not receive a response from Meta. It's essential to check your email and Ads Manager Support Inbox regularly for updates.

It's vital to follow Meta's guidelines, provide accurate information, and be patient throughout the appeal process. Whatever you do, DON’T YELL!

How to prevent your Facebook ad account from getting disabled

Now that we’ve gone through how to recover your disabled Facebook ad account, we’re pretty sure that you’d prefer not to have to go through all of that. As they say, “Prevention is better than a cure,” and this is a shining example of this. You can save yourself future trouble by checking the relevant policies for what you want to advertise to ensure you remain compliant. 

Comply with Meta’s ad policies

Yes, we know the list is long and hard to read. 

Yes, you should read it if you’re advertising on any Meta platform. 

No, there are no shortcuts. 

Yes, you can toe the line with a touch of effort and stay off the radar.

View the Meta Advertising Standards to ensure you’re checking all the boxes. We have a list of resources at the end of the article.

Be consistent with your campaign spend

Often small incremental efforts over time can yield more impactful results. Making sure you’re consistent with your ad campaigns and, in particular, your ad spend will help you stay out of trouble with Meta.

If your ad account suddenly starts spending much more than usual, it will flag your account for unusual activity and potentially disable your account.

Avoid using inappropriate content 

While this may seem obvious to point out, avoid sharing or advertising inappropriate content! 

Inappropriate content is a surefire way of ending up with a disabled Facebook ad account. Moreover, it’s always best to refer to the Meta Advertising policies and guidelines rather than decide for yourself. 

Conclusion: Navigating through Facebook ad complications

While it may seem like walking through a minefield adhering to Meta’s advertising policies, we must understand that these are in place for good reason. Meta strives to keep its platforms safe for consumers and free from scammers. While this may seem tedious, the rules are in place to help keep us all safe. 

As long as you adhere to the guidelines and policies, you shouldn’t have any problems with your ad account.

However, if you’re struggling with a disabled Facebook ad account, we highly recommend you get professional help. More than likely, they have dealt with this problem before and will be able to tell you what you did wrong and how to get your ad account reinstated.

Resources 📚

Recommended reading:

Meta Business Help Centre - a great place to start when diagnosing why your Facebook ad account was disabled

Facebook Community Standards - READ ME!

Meta Advertising Standards - AND ME!

Restricted goods and services - the unabridged list of what you can’t advertise

Meta Account Quality - How it works and how to discover your Meta Quality score

Payment failures - How to overcome payment issues

Facebook Community page - a great resource for Facebook ad account admins

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Sep 19, 2023
Sep 19, 2023
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