Mindful Marketing

The Canadian marketing agency scaled its Acquisition ROAS by applying Madgicx’s ARR audience targeting strategy to their clients’ accounts.

Mindful Marketing | Madgicx case study
Acquisition ROAS
Decrease in cost per Add to Cart
The amount of work

When I go to another marketing agency and look at their account structure, I feel like asking them, “How are you not using Madgicx?! Do you not realize how much time and how many employees this will save you?”

Jordan West
Founder & CEO of Mindful Marketing
Their Story

Scale your lifestyle brand

Using advanced AI and a human approach, Mindful Marketing is a Canadian E-commerce marketing agency. This successful agency has already helped brands such as Telus, Drumeo, and Field House Brewing Co. exponentially multiply their results and gain positive ROAS on their campaigns.

Mindful Marketing | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Automation for scaling the number of clients

Mindful Marketing was looking for a solution that will help them automate their ads to scale the number of accounts they can manage without hiring more media buyers.

Their Solution

Adopting Madgicx’s ARR Strategy

Discovering Madgicx’s viewpoint on audience targeting completely revolutionized the way Mindful Marketing is now looking at this topic. They adopted Madgicx’s ARR (Acquisition, Retargeting, Retention) strategy for full-funnel audience targeting and are now applying it to their clients’ accounts. As Mindful Marketing realized they’ve been neglecting their Retention audiences, they started investing in them and saw an incredible ROAS of 11.94.Specifically, Mindful Marketing started separating Prospecting campaigns from Re-Engagement campaigns, according to the way Madgicx separates the Acquisition stage into two different sub-stages. This helped Mindful Marketing move audiences faster down the funnel to the Retargeting stage and sent their Acquisition ROAS sky-high, increasing it by 4.4x!One of the main reasons for the great success Mindful Marketing saw with their Acquisition Re-Engagement campaigns is utilizing Madgicx’s AI lookalike audiences. Then, after they run these audiences for a while and gain enough data to derive conclusions, they use Madgicx’s Bid Optimization to scale their winning ad sets.As their initial goal was ad automation, Mindful Marketing couldn’t skip Madgicx’s Automation Tactics, and especially Stop-Loss, which helps them automatically pause losing ads.In addition, Madgicx also assists Mindful Marketing on the creative side. They use the Ad Launcher in order to pair up successful creatives with result-driving ad copies and create powerful new ads. Moreover, Madgicx’s Creative Insights and Smart Filters assist Mindful Marketing in getting a better understanding of which creatives resonate the most with different audience segments. These tools also helped them make sure they utilize all the possible ad formats Facebook has to offer.

Mindful Marketing | Madgicx case study
Jordan West, Founder & CEO of Mindful Marketing
Their Success

A mind full of ROAS

Mindful Marketing utilized Madgicx to manage their clients’ accounts and scaled their results big-time:

  • 4.4x Acquisition ROAS.
  • 14% decrease in cost per Add to Cart.
  • And all of that while putting in ½ the amount of work they did beforehand.

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