Competitive Edge

20x ROAS? This US-based agency proves that you can achieve crazy, record-breaking results with Facebook ads using Madgicx.

Facebook ad agency case study - Competitive Edge
Managed ad spend

Madgicx's automation and audience tools are so powerful. They're just way more sophisticated and refined than Facebook's tools.

And another thing that impresses me is the rate at which you roll out new features and how each of those features ends up being super helpful. You’re obviously listening to your users and deploying stuff that’s useful for us.

Wayne de Jager
VP, Digital Strategy at Competitive Edge
Their Story

Diverse team of media experts

Competitive Edge is an agency based in California that offers a full range of marketing and media services, such as media planning, shopper marketing, branding, package design, social media, and more.

Facebook ad case study - Competitive Edge marketing agency
Their Goal

A better way to optimize Facebook ads

The agency wanted to find a way to minimize the amount of time they spend manually optimizing their clients’ Facebook ads and consequently improve the performance of their ad accounts.

Their Solution

Powerful targeting and automation tools

The first Madgicx tool that the agency tried was the Audience Launcher. The Audience Launcher has a vast selection of 100+ ready-to-deploy audiences that you can launch in a few clicks - making it easy to target audiences across the funnel.

The tool has helped them find and double down on winning audience segments without spending HOURS manually setting them up on Facebook's Ads Manager.

Since the agency tends to focus on particular interests and niche audience segments for some of their clients, they've also found Madgicx's Audience Studio to be a huge help. 

It's a tool that allows you to mix and match interests and lookalikes to find new audiences to test. It also shows you all the data you need while experimenting, so you can already tell whether or not the new audience you want to create is worth testing.

According to Wayne, a lot of the best interests they identified using Madgicx would have taken so much time to find in Facebook's Ads Manager.

Apart from the audience solutions, Madgicx's automation has also allowed the agency to have better control over when and how their campaigns are optimized to ensure they drive maximum ROI all the time.

Plus, the automation has saved them HOURS of tedious ad optimization work and, more importantly, kept their budgets protected 24/7.

Lastly, Madgicx's reporting tools allow the agency to analyze and visualize ad performance exactly how they want to.

Madgicx offers various report and dashboard templates created by actual agency media buyers and marketing experts. So, anyone can easily generate comprehensive, professional-looking reports in an instant with the app.

Facebook ad solutions - performance marketing agency
Facebook ad optimization case study - Competitive Edge marketing agency
Their Success

Record-breaking ROAS

Since they started using Madgicx, the agency has been able to streamline their ad optimization processes and, as a result, achieve sky-high ROAS for their clients. This has given them an even stronger edge over those who still rely on manual ad optimization.

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