UGC Videos: How Your Customers Shape Your Brand's Story

Nov 23, 2023
Nov 23, 2023
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There’s no better time to leverage UGC video in marketing. From video creation to sourcing, this resource empowers your brand for maximum digital impact.

Forget the polished pitches and the overly manufactured visuals; the UGC video frenzy on social media shows no signs of slowing down. It's not just a trend; it's shaking up digital. 

These videos break the rules of the traditional marketing playbook, providing a dynamic, real-world perspective that connects with audiences far more effectively than any scripted ad ever could!

Now, if you don’t want your business to miss this gravy train, keep reading 🚂💨

What is a UGC video?

User-generated content (UGC) videos are videos created by consumers about a brand rather than by the brand itself. Unlike videos made by brands or for paid campaigns, UGC videos are created with everyday equipment like a smartphone or a GoPro.

Why is UGC video important for your business?

Out with the outdated approach where brands held the megaphone of marketing. The digital space has become like a bustling intersection of communication possibilities, and guess who's got the right of way? The consumer 😉

User-generated content
Image Source: Taggbox

Let’s unpack the importance of UGC videos in your creative strategy:

  • Authenticity: Shockingly, while an impressive 92% of marketers believe they are creating authentic content, only 51% of consumers feel their favorite brands deliver authenticity. What does this tell us? There’s a significant perception gap between marketers and consumers, emphasizing the urgent need for brands to align their content with the genuine expectations of their audience. 
  • Decision driving: Another study also uncovered that a staggering 64% of consumers actively seek reviews before making a purchase. Unboxing videos, reviews, and testimonials act as that extra nudge that bridges the decision-making gap.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Firstly, creating brand-new content from scratch can be expensive, but with UGC video, you're tapping into a goldmine of authentic material at a fraction of the cost— and often for free. Secondly, data shows that UGC-based ads see a 50% slash in cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Conversion boost: UGC video act like a magic wand that influences purchasing decisions. The stats do the talking: a staggering 76% of consumers turn to social media channels for product and brand discovery, with approximately 69% making purchases based on what they see. And here's the magic—UGC-based video ads boast a 4x higher click-through rate, proving that UGC videos have gravitas in your marketing strategy.
  • Engagement: Content that comes directly from other consumers triggers curiosity and attracts attention. When people create content related to your brand, they become more actively involved. This involvement leads to more comments, shares, and discussions, which creates a buzz around your products or services. 
  • Reach and visibility: UGC videos are sparks that have the potential to spread like wildfire. When customers create UGC, they step into the role of not just sharers but enthusiastic ambassadors, spreading the word within their networks.

What are the most common types of user-generated videos?

There’s no shortage of UGC video types out there, and the possibilities are endless! The following videos serve merely as a popular starting point:

1. Before and after - These videos cut through the fluff, showcasing tangible results that speak volumes. They're not just about promises; they're about witnessing the genuine transformation your product or service can bring.

From fitness journeys to skincare results, these user-generated narratives provide potential customers with visual stories and proof points of progress.

@anna_annora Replying to @Nabi As requested, my results from using the sulfur acne mask! This stuff worked wonders for my skin, but it’s ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you moisturize as much as possible. I recommend slugging with aquaphor to help your skin barrier! That’s when i saw the biggest improvement. #acnetreatment #sulfursoap #sulfurmask #acne #fungalacne #acnejourney #skincareroutine #beforeandafter #skincare #beauty #sluggingmethod ♬ original sound - Anna Annora

2. Product reviews: User-generated product reviews transcend the traditional word-of-mouth recommendation. These videos provide a comprehensive look at your product through the lens of genuine users.

From unfiltered opinions to in-depth analyses, product reviews become a trusted source for potential buyers, offering a real-world understanding that goes beyond marketing claims.

Viewers gain insights into the product's practicality, performance, and how it fits into everyday life. It's a dynamic dialogue where users share their experiences, helping others make informed decisions. 

3. Tutorials: They show that the product works and go a step further by teaching us how. Viewers don't just see the product's potential; they learn how to use it to its fullest potential.

Whether explaining gadget features, navigating software, or sharing tips for makeup applications, tutorials arm your audience with much-needed practical knowledge and the confidence to take a leap of faith in buying your product or service.

4. Unboxing: These videos give you the thrill of unwrapping a gift digitally. And who doesn't love the excitement of opening a new present?

They allow the viewer to live vicariously through the unboxer, stirring the desire to have that same delightful experience themselves. It's about creating a virtual gift-opening experience that resonates with everyone's love for the anticipation and surprise of a new product.

5. Reaction videos: This is simply a video where a vlogger or host watches and reacts to an existing piece of content. This can be anything from a new video game to a tutorial video. Creators in this genre provide an unfiltered, spontaneous response to content, creating a feeling as if you're watching alongside a friend.

There's actually science behind it: their surge in popularity can be attributed to the "you're just like me" factor—they tap into the shared human experience of reacting to things, establishing an immediate connection with viewers.

The unique perspective offered by reaction videos also brings an additional layer of engagement, especially for viewers familiar with the original content. The more informed the consumer is, the easier it becomes for them to shape their perspective!

6. Day-in-the-life: These UGC videos are a consumer favorite, showcasing real people with products or services in real-life settings.

These snapshots of ordinary lives reveal how seamlessly the product integrates into daily routines, allowing viewers to envision themselves using it. They fulfill the viewer's desire to see products in action within familiar contexts, forming a personalized connection.

As consumers witness these authentic portrayals, the allure of envisioning themselves using the product becomes irresistible. Take the video below, for instance; it depicts a day-in-the-life scenario featuring a software engineer picking up his new M3 MacBook Pro from the Apple Store and exploring it on camera once he gets home. His identity as a software engineer forges a connection with individuals in a similar field, inspiring them to consider this model as well.

7. Hauls: What's more thrilling than receiving a gift? A haul of gifts, of course! That's the captivating allure of UGC hauls—a trend that's as exciting as the previously mentioned unboxing videos. They are a celebration of abundance, where creators share an array of recently acquired products, offering viewers a delightful peek into their shopping sprees.

From fashion finds to tech gadgets, home decor, or any other category you can imagine, hauls transport the viewer into a world of discoveries. Not to mention, they are highly engaging!

How to get more UGC videos about your brand?

So, now that you've tasted the power of UGC video, you're probably wondering how you can ramp up the volume and keep the content river flowing. Thankfully, there is an abundance of ways to get quality videos. Here are just a few:

  • Reward their efforts: If you don’t have pockets as deep as Oprah’s, go beyond monetary discounts. Consider offering exclusive access to upcoming sales, loyalty program points, or even just a personalized shoutout. Just create a value exchange that sparks joy.
  • Cultivate active engagement: Don't settle for passive observation on social media. Get into the conversation—comment on posts, like photos, and share stories. The more active your engagement, the more likely your audience will feel a personal connection, driving them to create even more content for you.
  • Spotlight UGC: Give your audience the spotlight they crave. Showcase user-generated videos on your website, social media, or in email campaigns. The more you feature, the more likely users are to contribute, creating a cycle of engagement.
  • Forge influencer relationships: Collaborate with influencers aligned with your brand values for your next campaign. Their impact extends beyond their content; their followers are likely to join the UGC bandwagon, amplifying your brand's reach.
  • Source from UGC creators: There are niche-specific UGC creators and platforms where you can buy user-generated videos directly. You get a mix of organic and high-quality UGC that’s tailored just for your brand.

How to make the most out of your UGC videos?

Now that you know how to get your hands on more UGC videos, you need to understand how to maximize their impact. So, how do you get “more bang” for your videos? Keep reading 👇

  • Employ content production solutions: If creating impactful content feels intimidating, especially for a competitive and fast-paced environment like TikTok, Madgicx's Sparkle design platform has you covered! It has a team of graphic designers, video editors, and other experienced professionals qualified to deliver any design requirement. After you've sent a brief with your raw UGC video, a dedicated Sparkle designer is assigned to your project, ensuring personalized attention to your brand's unique requirements. With designs ready in just 48 hours, Sparkle accelerates the content creation process, making it seamless and efficient. Have a UGC video in hand already? Begin the 7-Day Free Trial today, then sit back while we make magic happen 🪄✨
Madgicx Sparkle homepage
  • Utilize analytics: Leverage analytics tools to measure the performance of UGC videos. Identify Facebook video trends, understand audience behavior, and refine your marketing efforts based on data insights.
  • Optimize for SEO: Ensure your UGC videos are discoverable by incorporating relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and captions. Think about the terms your audience might use when searching for content related to your brand. This strategic use of keywords enhances the searchability of your UGC videos, driving organic traffic and expanding your brand's online visibility.
  • Promote them: Share your UGC videos on your social media channels to reach a wider audience. Use a unique hashtag to make it easy for users to find and share your content.
  • Mix them up: There are many different types of UGC videos, including product reviews, how-to videos, unboxing videos, vlogs, and challenges. Experiment with different video formats like Reels and Stories to see what resonates with your audience.
  • Make them shareable: Encourage your audience to share your UGC videos with their friends and followers. This can help increase your reach and engagement.
  • Collaborative content creation: Foster collaboration between users and your brand. Invite them to co-create content and turn them into active participants in your brand narrative. 

What to consider when sharing UGC videos

Before we embark on our UGC sharing spree, let’s do a little housekeeping, shall we? Think of it as tidying up and organizing to ensure that your content sparks joy!

  • Optimize for platforms 🚀 When it comes to content on your platforms, size really does matter. Take the time to understand the different formats, ad sizes, and design specs of each platform so you can adapt your UGC videos accordingly. In terms of how long UGC videos should be, well, that depends on the platform as well. 


Meta Facebook Video specs


Meta Instagram video specs

Facebook and Instagram Reels can be as long as 90 seconds.


Youtube video specs.
  • Engage and appreciate 🫶 When someone crafts content around your brand, reciprocate the love! Any comment you make can create a lasting connection and encourage them to do it again. 
  • Always ask for permission ✋ Don't assume a tag or hashtag gives you carte blanche to use the content. Always seek explicit permission before sharing UGC. A simple DM is all it takes to uphold this golden rule.
  • Stay platform savvy 🧙 Social media platforms evolve often, and so do their policies. Stay updated to ensure your UGC practices align with platform guidelines. Meta has a Responsible Business Practices Report, which outlines its approach to operating responsibly. 
  • Quality over quantity 👌 While it's tempting to reshare as much UGC as possible, prioritize quality over quantity. Share the pieces that truly elevate your brand and support your goals.
  • Monitor 👁️ Set up alerts for brand mentions and dedicated hashtags. This way, you can sift through UGC efficiently, spotlighting the most valuable ones and addressing any potential issues promptly.
  • Give credit where it’s due 👏 Celebrate and credit creators. Beyond being ethical, it encourages more users to contribute and share their unique perspectives. In the world of UGC, recognition is a powerful currency.

4 UGC video examples for inspiration

If you’re ready to hit the ground running with UGC videos but aren’t sure where to start, you’re going to love this UGC ads webinar we hosted a short while back. 

To shower you with even more inspiration, I’m going to leave you with four UGC video trends that you can hop onto ASAP 🔥

1. ASMR videos: ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has emerged as an exciting avenue for User-Generated Content (UGC) videos. Known for its ability to induce tingling sensations and a sense of relaxation, ASMR content often features soft-spoken voices, gentle sounds, and deliberate movements.

These types of videos engage viewers on a sensory level, creating a space for immersive and calming experiences. If your product or service can contribute to this tranquil atmosphere, users are likely to be more receptive, enhancing the overall appeal of your brand.

2. Dynamic editing: Editing has become a key player in the competitive field of video content. Mere product showcases are no longer enough; users now want to be entertained. Incorporating lively editing techniques and popular music tracks is essential to keep your audience hooked and invested in your content.

3. GRWM: GRWM, or "Get Ready With Me," videos have carved out their niche in the world of UGC. They offer an authentic and engaging experience, making the audience feel like they are sharing moments of preparation with a friend.

This genre of UGC provides a unique opportunity for brands like ADIDAS to showcase their products in a real-life context, fostering a connection with users who appreciate the authenticity of the getting-ready routine.

@maxenceftr GRWM using the new @adidas x @asos adicolour collection 💫🥰 #fyp #pourtoi #outfit #ootd #adicolor70 #adidas #asos #grwm ♬ original sound - Sky Newitt <3

4. Demonstrative POV format: If you can shoot your demo videos in POV (Point of View) style, that’s even better! These types of videos have taken the internet by storm as they immerse the viewer in the experience.

They play a crucial role in addressing the fundamental questions that potential customers often have: "How does it work?" and "How will the product or service benefit me?" These videos offer a hands-on, practical demonstration of a product or service in action.

By visually showcasing its features, functionality, and real-world applications, demonstrative UGC videos provide valuable insights for viewers. They go beyond mere descriptions, allowing the audience to witness the product's performance “first-hand.”


As the industry keeps changing, it's clear: UGC video is here to stay. For brands, it's the hot gravy train to heightened engagement and conversions. Thankfully, producing high-quality UGC videos has never been more accessible, thanks to innovative creative production solutions like Sparkle

So, don't miss the train—jump on board, ride this exciting wave of authenticity, and watch your money multiply! 

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Nov 23, 2023
Nov 23, 2023
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