Control the Narrative

Comments on your ads affect the decision of potential customers. Being present in this section from the beginning lays the ground for a positive conversation about your brand.

Control the Narrative | Madgicx Auto Ad Comment
Increase Ad "Real-Estate" | Madgicx Auto Ad Comment

Increase Ad "Real-Estate"

The comment section is an integral part of your ad, and you should treat it as such. The Ad Care comment immediately enlarges the ad and makes it much more prominent and visible.

Let Ad Care Improve Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook’s algorithms take comments very seriously, so Ad Care’s automatic comment function can make a big difference in your overall account performance.

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Well laid out making the insights easy to understand helping you choose the best performing textual and image content and then deliver that to a highly relevant audience. The result has seen improved sign-ups and a 25% reduction in cost per sale, no mean feat.

Lewis B

I've used a variety of advertising tools, and Madgicx is by far the best! The audience targeting tools are great when it comes to discovering similar audiences and analyzing what's worked great (or not so great) in the past.

Enver M

Madgicx is such a great tool that I’m afraid to recommend it to my competitors, but I’d definitely recommend it to any other business that wants to have an advantage over their competitors in social media advertising.

Chris Ferguson
Founder & CEO of TLF Apparel

Keep the Haters Away

Manage the unsubscribe process via a landing page hosted by Madgicx and automatically exclude unsubscribers from your future campaigns. This way, you can reduce negative feedback on your ads.

Keep the Haters Away | Madgicx Auto Ad Comment
Boost Website Traffic from the Same Ad | Madgicx Auto Ad Comment

Boost Website Traffic from the Same Ad

Madgicx’s Ad Care lets you add direct links to your page in the comments so you can get more visitors. It’s so simple and straightforward that you must be thinking: How did I not come up with this idea myself?

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