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“Graphically, the way that Madgicx explains the data, everyone on the team, even if they’re novice users, understands what’s working. Then you just need to build that out, pump it back into the Facebook ad account, and let it rock.”

"We were able to quickly define which audiences, copy, and media content were the most effective at reaching our target audience in a ridiculously short period of time."

“Madgicx’s platform just makes it seamless and easy to navigate and identify your top-performing creatives and ad copies.”

I’ve been running ads for years now, but there’s a limit to the audiences I could think of. But with Madgicx, we can easily find and target new audiences using my existing customer data, which ultimately helped us pull in thousands of new customers.

Plus, on days when I'm not doing anything on my ad account, I know that Madgicx's automation is working to optimize it for me. And all of these have definitely helped us scale.”

Omar Rafique
Co-Founder, Negative Apparel

“I just don't see how you can advertise profitably on a consistent basis without some kind of tracking like Madgicx’s. It's basically gambling at that point.”

Montgomery Medley
Owner of A.M. Fishing

“If you're trying to win in the game of ads, speed is your most important metric: How quickly can you test? How quickly can you identify problems? And how quickly can you solve those problems? Madgicx has helped us do those a lot faster.

So, if you're looking to try Madgicx, you should definitely do it and see how you can speed up your processes to make decisions more quickly."

Shawn Henry
CEO of Venture Suite