Meta Lowers Learning Phase Requirement for Select Campaigns

Facebook Ads
Jun 9, 2024
Jun 9, 2024
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Meta lowers learning phase requirement for select campaigns

Exciting news from Meta! They’ve reduced the learning phase event requirement for some campaigns. Here's what you need to know.

Meta's latest update significantly changes the learning phase requirements for Purchase-optimized and Mobile App Install campaigns. This adjustment is crucial for advertisers looking to optimize their ad performance quickly and efficiently.

What’s changing?

You will be glad to know that Meta has lowered the required number of Facebook events to exit the learning phase from 50 to just 10 for Purchase-optimized and Mobile App Install campaigns. This change helps advertisers achieve stabilized ad performance more quickly, allowing for faster optimization and potentially improved campaign outcomes.

Meta - learning phase

However, it's important to note:

  • Meta still needs to implement this update across all accounts.
  • The change does not apply to Mobile App Event campaigns. Unlike Mobile App Install campaigns, which focus on getting users to install an app, Mobile App Event campaigns are about getting users to take specific actions within an installed app (purchase, level completion, etc.).

Understanding the learning phase

Ads Manager - Learning phase

The learning phase begins when you create a new ad set or make significant edits to an existing one. During this period, Facebook tests various combinations of creative elements, audience targeting, timing, and placement to determine the best way to optimize your ads. This trial and error process can initially result in less stable performance and higher costs per action.

Once your ad set exits the learning phase and enters the active phase, you'll have a clearer idea of its long-term performance. At this point, you can decide whether to increase your budget, continue running the ad set as is, or simply pause it.

Why the change?

Meta's decision to lower the event threshold aligns with its ongoing efforts to streamline the Facebook ad optimization process and provide advertisers with faster feedback on their campaign performance. 

Reducing the number of events required to exit the learning phase means that ad sets can achieve stable performance metrics more quickly. This change benefits advertisers with smaller budgets, lower event volumes, or shorter campaign durations.

What this means for advertisers

For advertisers, this update offers several advantages:

  • Faster optimization: With the learning phase ending sooner, ad sets can reach their optimal performance levels more quickly, leading to better overall campaign efficiency.
  • Improved performance: By exiting the learning phase earlier, campaigns can stabilize and deliver more consistent results, helping advertisers maximize their return on investment.
  • Greater flexibility: Advertisers can run shorter campaigns or those with lower event volumes without worrying about prolonged learning phases.

Understanding the learning phase’s impact on your ads

The Auction Insights tool within Madgicx can help you understand the true impact of the learning phase on your Meta ads. It provides an instant overview of your selected KPIs, showing how much the learning phase impacts your ad performance. With these insights, you can make informed decisions for your ad account and plan for the future accordingly.

Madgicx's Auction Insights

To truly gauge this impact, you need access to this data, which is available exclusively from Madgicx. Good news: You get to try it for free for 7 days.

Final thoughts

This update from Meta is music to the ears of advertisers seeking faster and more effective campaign optimization. Its potential for quicker stabilization and improved performance makes it a valuable change for those utilizing Purchase-optimized and Mobile App Install campaigns.

Stay tuned for more Facebook updates and tips on navigating and leveraging Meta's evolving ad platform.

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Facebook Ads
Jun 9, 2024
Jun 9, 2024
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