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Get Madgicx to go beyond tracking: get ad automation, cross-channel reporting, a complete creative workflow, audience targeting tools, and more in one place.

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Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

Madgicx vs. Elevar at a Glance

Tracking and attribution are your bread and butter; you can't afford to pay more for this as you grow. This will hurt your ROI. Moreover, tracking is only the basis for ad optimization. So, why stop there?

Enhanced conversions
Level up your Meta ad tracking with this feature to capture more conversions
Unlimited events
Track an unlimited number of web conversions at no additional cost
Server-to-server (S2S) tracking
Leverage first-party tracking to feed your Pixel and future-proof your tracking
Multi-channel tracking
Get server-side tracking across TikTok, Snapchat, Klaviyo, Attentive, and more
14-day free trial
Try the service risk-free and only pay after you see results
All-in-one AI ad optimization app
Maximize your Meta ad results with a suite of automation, campaign management, audience targeting, and analytics tools
Real-time cross-channel reporting
Combine multiple channels into one report, including Meta, Google Ads, Google Analytics, TikTok, and Shopify

“Especially after iOS 17. I don't understand how you can continue to be profitable without MCT.”

Wanchen Kaiser
CMO at Glamcor Global Llc

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  • UNLIMITED events
  • Enhanced conversions
  • Meta server-side tracking
  • Cross-channel reporting
  • AI campaign management
  • Ad automation
  • Audience targeting tools
starting price
  • Pay more as your business grows
  • Meta server-side tracking
depending on the number of events

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Running a successful FB Ads campaign is never easy, especially for an e-commerce. We've been looking for a tool that helps us understand our audiences better, which Ads bring the most ROAS, where should we invest more money and when not to, to avoid "burning the budget". Doing it manually was exhausting, but thanks to Madgicx we were able to save a lot of valuable time and get answers we were looking for. Now we can spend more time on other marketing channels and be sure that FB will mostly run itself.

Adam Jakub Maliński
Performance Marketing Specialist at

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