Vordermann + Sick-Series

An Austrian online marketing agency leveraged Madgicx’s automation capabilities to save time and focus on strategic planning for their client, leading to an incredible increase in ROAS and revenues.

Vordermann + Sick-Series | Madgicx case study
Return on ad spend
Increase in revenue
Increase in retention rate

If you’re working in performance marketing and you want to double-down your gain, you should definitely use Madgicx. It takes over a lot of operational tasks and lets you focus more on the strategic part. Humans are meant to focus on the big picture, machines can do the technical part better. With Madgicx, you can leverage AI technology to achieve the ultimate human-machine combination.

Dominik Mayer
Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Vordermann
Their Story

Your digital partner

Vordermann is an international online marketing agency with several locations worldwide. They develop integrated solutions in digital media for their partners. They see themselves as their clients' partners and backers and believe in the power of ideas, data and the impact of strategic communication.

Vordermann + Sick-Series | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Automate media buying to focus on strategy

Vordermann wanted to automate their media-buying processes in order to focus on strategic planning. They also wanted/needed a better overview of their client's Facebook ad campaigns than they received in the Ads Manager.

Their Solution

Save time on media-buying tasks

Vordermann used Madgicx for their client "Sick-Series," an eCommerce business selling biker merchandise. Madgicx’s variety of lookalike audiences helped Vordermann test various “cold” audiences for Acquisition. They also enjoyed Madgicx’s ability to launch campaigns in just a few minutes via the Ad Launcher.Vordermann also leveraged Madgicx’s Automation Tactics to make sure they’re upscaling profitable campaigns and downscaling the non-profitable ones. They monitored their performance using the Strategic Dashboard to make sure they were achieving their desired results. This also allowed them to quickly make changes to their marketing strategy in situations where they needed to improve.By automating most of the media buying processes for Vordermann, Madgicx saved them a ton of time and even saved them from hiring a campaign manager. It allowed them to focus on strategy instead of the tedious media-buying tasks and led to incredible results, such as a ROAS of 12!

Vordermann + Sick-Series | Madgicx case study
Vordermann + Sick-Series | Madgicx case study
Their Success

A 'sick' increase in ROAS

Vordermann used Madgicx to manage Facebook ads campaigns for one of their main clients, Sick-Series, and achieved these fantastic results:

  • 4x ROAS
  • 70% increase in revenue
  • 25% increase in retention rate

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