A German Facebook and Instagram ad agency scaled significantly thanks to Madgicx’s Creative Insights and Audiences.

MediaBoostr | Madgicx case study
Increase in revenues
Increase in ad spend
Return on ad spend

Madgicx takes media buying to the next level by implementing the idea of autonomous media buying - and advertisers shouldn’t be scared that it’s taking their job. It allows them to focus on more important tasks than media buying, which is not the end goal, but a means to an end. If we have a tool like Madgicx that helps us do Facebook advertising better, we should leverage it. This tool disrupts the advertising industry, and it’s a good thing. An industry that can be disrupted is an industry in progress. I highly recommend Madgicx to anyone who wants to be a great advertiser!

Pedram Ghozat
Founder of MediaBoostr
Their Story

Advanced Facebook advertising agency

MediaBoostr is a Facebook and Instagram ad agency based in Cologne, Germany. The agency specializes in helping apparel, fashion, and luxury eCommerce brands scale profitably and quickly. MediaBoostr provides its clients with highly-targeted media buying, “thumb-stopping” creatives, and data-driven strategies.

MediaBoostr | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Scaling without hiring more manpower

MediaBoostr wanted to be able to manage more client accounts without hiring additional media buyers.

Their Solution

Insightful analysis and audience opportunities

MediaBoostr used Madgicx’s Creative Insights to analyze their clients’ creative performance and provide them with visualizations of their data. This allowed MediaBoostr to inform their clients about their best creatives and provide them with recommendations for future creative planning.Furthermore, utilizing Madgicx’s Creative Clusters tool from inside the Ad Launcher, MediaBoostr was able to easily act upon the insights they derived regarding creative performance. This has given them more control when optimizing their clients’ accounts instead of settling for Facebook's automatic algorithm. By utilizing all these tools offered by Madgicx, MediaBoostr was able to gain a real understanding of which creatives work best; allowing them to seriously scale their clients' accounts.To help MediaBoostr scale their clients' accounts, they leveraged Madgicx's mass audience launching capabilities and achieved great results. The variety of Madgicx’s audiences provided the agency’s clients with opportunities to test audiences they’ve never tried before, such as various lookalikes and the AI-based eRFM Audiences. Some of these lookalikes are only available via Facebook’s API, while the eRFM Audiences are only available through Madgicx’s platform.

Pedram Ghozat, Founder of MediaBoostr
Their Success

Boosting revenues and ROAS while scaling

MediaBoostr started using Madgicx to optimize their clients’ accounts in April 2020 and achieved incredible results in just one month:

  • 197% increase in revenues
  • 40% increase in ad spend
  • 2.2x ROAS

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