Meta Generative AI: New Features for Ads ✨

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Jun 14, 2024
Jun 14, 2024
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Meta Generative AI

Meta's new generative AI features create variations of your ads from your original creative assets. See how your brand can benefit from this new addition.

Meta's latest update brings exciting news for advertisers. This new introduction is a lifesaver for those looking to automate a part of the ad creation process. Let’s unpack.

What's changing?

Last year, Meta introduced AI features that allowed business owners to create dynamic backgrounds, enhance images, and produce various ad text versions derived from their original content. This earlier update primarily focused on optimizing ad performance by testing creative elements like images and text.

In the latest update, Meta has introduced new AI generative features allowing advertisers to create full ad images with text overlay capabilities based on their original creative assets. These new Advantage+ tools aim to help marketers produce ad variations more efficiently, ensuring alignment with internal brand guidelines throughout the creative process.

Meta is also expanding its AI-powered text generation to include ad headlines alongside primary text. This change is driven by feedback from advertisers who wanted more diverse suggestions that better reflect their brand values and product selling points. These improvements will improve as Meta transitions to its more advanced Llama 3 large-language models. 

The feature in the latter is rolling out over the next few months, with a global launch expected by the end of the year. 

How it works

The new generative AI tools rely on assets that the advertiser already owns. For instance, you can take an existing picture of a cup of coffee and ask Meta to generate variations of the image, such as showing the cup surrounded by coffee beans and lush leaves. This process ensures the new images are consistent with your brand's look and feel.

Generative AI Image Generation

These features are part of Meta’s broader effort to address marketers’ concerns about generative AI. By using assets that advertisers provide, Meta ensures that the creative output meets specific brand guidelines and preferences.

What this means for advertisers

For advertisers, these updates offer several advantages:

1. Faster creative production: The generative AI tools can speed up the production of ad variations, allowing advertisers to focus on strategic tasks. But, if you still need to decide about relying on AI, Madgicx's Creative Workflow can also alleviate the burden of your ad creation process. In the Madgicx Ad Library, you'll find Meta ad inspiration galore and save all your favorite ads.

Madgicx Ad Library dashboard 2024

And with just a quick brief, you'll have a talented designer whipping up your ad variations in just 48 hours. Try the Creative Workflow for free today.

2. Control and consistency: By using existing assets, advertisers can ensure that the new creative outputs align with their brand guidelines.

3. Efficient creative testing: The ability to quickly generate and test multiple ad variations can lead to better overall campaign performance.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for future updates on Meta's evolving tools for your campaigns 🙌

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AI Marketing
Jun 14, 2024
Jun 14, 2024
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