How to Optimize Advertising Budget Creatively for eCom

Oct 20, 2021
Dec 22, 2020
20 mins
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How to Optimize Advertising Budget Creatively for eCom

Yahav Hartman, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Madgicx shares valuable insights for eCommerce business owners on the eCom Ops Podcast.

Yahav jumped onto the podcast to share insights on digital marketing trends, how advertising budgets can be optimized, and how to analyze creatives for better customer prospecting. In this episode, Yahav is answering the following questions:

  • How can Madgicx help eCommerce store owners?
  • What sets Madgicx apart from its competitors, such as AdEspresso?
  • What should eCommerce business leaders focus on, and what sets the winning businesses apart from the rest?
  • Where do the biggest dangers for eCommerce startups lie, and how can they avoid them?
  • What are the main benefits of ad automation?

About Madgicx

Madgicx is a SaaS company that helps brands make the most out of their advertising budgets. The Madgicx platform allows advertisers to optimize their ad spend across channels.

Madgicx focuses on Facebook and Google ads and plans to expand to additional advertising channels in the future. The company currently manages over $1B in monthly ad spends.

About the eCom Ops Podcast

The eCom Ops podcast believes that there is a deluge of content around how to grow an eCommerce business, but very little support for the people “working behind the scenes” to ensure that customers receive their orders whilst having an awesome brand experience, that you don't run out of stock and that your eCom store doesn't run out of cash.

That's why this podcast was created - for the unsung operational heroes out there grinding away in spreadsheets and storerooms. This podcast is for you.

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Oct 20, 2021
Dec 22, 2020
Yuval Yaary

Yuval is the Head of Content at Madgicx. He is in charge of the Madgicx blog, the company's SEO strategy, and all its textual content.

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