Pure Performance

The UAE-based digital marketing agency used Madgicx’s AI audiences and automation capabilities to find the right target audience for their client and skyrocketed their ROAS and revenue.

Pure Performance | Madgicx case study
Decrease in CPP

Madgicx drives excellent results, it’s easy to use, and you can rely on it to take care of almost all the optimizations you need. I trust Madgicx to spend my budget wisely, in a way that will get me the results I want.

Pedro Machado
Owner of Pure Performance
Their Story

When talent meets technology

Pure Performance’s HQ is located in Dubai, UAE, but the Ad Ops is based in Lisbon. The agency is a 21st-century multinational business with operations and clients across different countries from the Middle East through Europe to the USA. Its main focus is performance digital marketing. Having an experienced and talented media buying team is only part of the agency’s success, as it also relies on the best tools to gain an edge against the competition.

Pure Performance | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Scale without hiring more account managers

Pure Performance wanted to scale their agency without having to hire more account managers. They were hoping to utilize Madgicx’s automation capabilities to save time and effort, and as a result, be able to take on more clients.

Their Solution

Test, analyze, and automate

Pure Performance started by testing Madgicx’s various lookalike audiences for customer acquisition, including the AI-based lookalikes. They let different audiences run against each other and constantly monitored their performance on the Strategic Dashboard.

While they were testing various audiences, Pure Performance also set up Madgicx’s Stop-Loss and Surf Automation Tactics to protect their investment. These tactics made sure that they weren’t spending on ad sets that don’t drive enough revenue and that they weren’t missing out on any scaling opportunities.

Another method that helped Pure Performance identify their best content was tracking their organic posts’ performance. Once they’ve spotted well-performing posts, they used Madgicx’s Ad Launcher to turn their posts into ads.

To keep their clients in the loop, Pure Performance sent white-labeled daily reports to their clients, showing them the optimizations they’ve done for them on the previous day. This way, their service was transparent, instead of being a “black box” for their clients. This helped them grow their clients’ trust.

In just one month, Pure Performance found the best target audience and the most successful product for one of their clients, for example. From that moment on, all of their KPIs increased, and they quickly sold their entire stock.

Thanks to Madgicx, Pure Performance noticed that their most successful product is XXL jeans, which has a target audience that mainly buys online. They started focusing on promoting mainly this item and showing their ads to the right audience segment, which ended up multiplying their ROAS by 5. This success made all of their competitors and other businesses in the area start promoting these XXL jeans and selling them online as well.

Pedro Machado, Owner of Pure Performance
Their Success

Pure performance indeed

Pure Performance have been managing their clients’ accounts using Madgicx, and they have achieved these excellent results:

  • 5x ROAS
  • 2.36x revenue
  • 30% Decrease in CPP

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