Noam Atiya Agency

The Israeli marketing agency saw an incredible increase in leads and a significant decrease in CPL using Madgicx to automate their Facebook ads.

Noam Atiya Agency | Madgicx case study
Increase in revenue
Decrease in CPL

Why use Madgicx?As humans, there’s a limit to what we can do. But with Madgicx, it’s like having a whole team of full-time media buyers working for you 24/7. So let the machines do what they do best and free yourself to focus on what you’re better at.

Noam Atiya
Owner of Noam Atiya Agency
Their Story

A performance marketing agency

In the past year, Noam Atiya agency has grown from managing 4-digit to 6-digit advertising budgets and it is constantly growing further. It is a performance marketing agency with an international client base and offices in two countries. The agency focuses on ad automation, leverage, and growth hacking to take its clients’ advertising to the next level.

Noam Atiya Agency team
Their Goal

Stop chasing tail

Noam’s agency felt like they’re wasting their time micro-managing Facebook ad accounts without achieving the desired results. Therefore, they looked for an automation tool that will save them time and make sure they’re spending their budget wisely.

Their Solution

Saving time and money with automation

Noam’s agency used Madgicx’s Automation Tactics to manage client accounts on auto-pilot. They mainly leveraged Stop-Loss and Surf to make sure their budgets are wisely allocated to the top-performing assets. These automations allowed them to free time to focus on client management and producing more creatives.In addition, the agency monitored their creative and ad copy performance using Creative Insights and Ad Copy Insights. They checked their performance on a weekly basis and launched the most successful creatives and copies into additional ad sets to double down on their success.Moreover, as the agency mainly targets broad audiences for acquisition, Madgicx’s Bid Optimization tool was a very helpful solution for them to gain close control over their bids and optimize their spend on these audiences. Madgicx’s retargeting and re-engagement audiences granted the agency access to audience segments they have never leveraged before and Madgicx’s exclusive lookalike audiences were the cherry on top of their new targeting strategy.

Noam Atiya, Owner of Noam Atiya Agency
Their Success

Leads to revenues

Noam Atiya Agency used Madgicx starting from September 2020 to manage their clients’ accounts and achieved the following excellent results:

  • 2.8x leads
  • 28% increase in revenue
  • 21% decrease in CPL

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