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Digital Marketing Gorilla

A British digital marketing agency achieved great ROAS for their clients and saw an increase in purchases, revenue, and add-to-carts after utilizing Madgicx’s Smart Filters and Automation Tactics.

Digital Marketing Gorilla | Madgicx case study

Madgicx has proven to be a tremendous asset to my business as well as to our clients.

Hector Patrick
Owner & Creative Director of Digital Marketing Gorilla
Their Story

Your guide through the digital jungle

Digital Marketing Gorilla is a digital marketing agency founded in 2013 in Manchester, UK. Its mission is to provide businesses with a comprehensive, all-in-one online marketing and web management service which delivers long-lasting results. Its approach is sustainable, data-driven, and focused on business growth. It has an experienced team of marketing specialists and leads consultants who are happy to answer any questions regarding SEO, PPC, and web design services.

Digital Marketing Gorilla | Madgicx case study
Their Goal

Streamlining ad buying

Digital Marketing Gorilla had a hard time scaling and experienced difficulties with time management. They were hoping to gain advanced insights on audiences and increase their return on ad spend for their clients.

Their Solution

Hyper-targeting to increase ROAS

The biggest challenge that Digital Marketing Gorilla was facing had to do with automating their clients’ ad accounts. They constantly needed to monitor their clients’ performance, which is why Madgicx’s Automation Tactics were so valuable. They set up Tactics to shut off unprofitable campaigns, reduce their budgets, and scale successful campaigns.“The cherry on top,” according to Digital Marketing Gorilla, was Madgicx’s Audiences; which were quick and easy to launch. Moreover, Madgicx’s reporting capabilities allowed them to send accurate and elegant reports to their clients in just a few clicks.Digital Marketing Gorilla also leveraged Madgicx’s Smart Filters to tailor content to specific audiences based on their ROAS. This was especially useful for targeting different locations, age groups, and genders, and helped them segment their audiences in ways they haven’t before, which led to an increase in their clients’ ROAS.

Hector Patrick, Owner & Creative Director of Digital Marketing Gorilla
Their Success

Wilder than Tarzan

Digital Marketing Gorilla ran Madgicx campaigns on Facebook between January-February 2020, which resulted in:

  • 2x Add-to-Cart
  • 2.15x Purchases
  • 1.8x Revenue

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