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Insights mean nothing if you can't act on them fast. Madgicx's reporting tool comes with a full suite of execution solutions, so you can go from analysis to action in seconds.

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Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

Madgicx vs. Triple Whale at a Glance

Take Triple Whale’s core data reporting features and add limitless customization, business-oriented report templates, and all the execution tools you need - that’s Madgicx 😉

Unlimited ad channels for a flat fee
Combine all the ad channels and data sources you want into one report (including ad accounts and Shopify stores) without worrying about bloated monthly billings

Pay more for more data sources
Limitless report customization
Access all the widgets and customization options you need to visualize your data the way you want
Report template selection
Choose from a wide range of reporting templates that fit your different needs
Full range of advertising metrics
Track all the crucial metrics from Google, Facebook, and Shopify to better understand the impact of advertising on your business

More focused on Shopify metrics
Cross-channel reporting
Pull data from multiple sources, including Facebook, Google, and Shopify
Real-time business result tracking
Get real-time calculation of your net profit, blended ROAS, MER, and other relevant e-com metrics
Different time frames in one report
Analyze data within different time frames in one report
Link sharing
Share public links to live reports with your teammates and clients in a few clicks
Goal setting inside your reports
Set and add goals directly into your reports to make it easier to keep track of your target ROAS, revenue, and more
Cloud tracking system
UTMs alone won’t cut it post-iOS 14.5. Get a reliable attribution system that sends accurate data back into Ads Manager

UTM only
Creative analysis
Gain a holistic view of your top-performing creatives and trends in their performance
Financial analysis
Consolidate your financial data into one dashboard
Ad management tools
Manage all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one place
24/7 budget optimization
Automate the entire budget management of your ad account to ensure maximum ROI day and night
Audience launcher
Get access to 100+ ready-to-deploy audiences across the sales funnel, and launch as many as you want in a few clicks
Affluencer tracking
Manage and analyze influencers and affiliates across every platform

“Our agency tested 7+ different reporting tools. Madgicx’s One-Click Report beats them all.”

Saar Bell
Founder, BellaPOINT Media

Compare Pricing

See how much more you can get with Madgicx’s One-Click Report vs. Triple Whale’s Dashboard (based on $1M annual revenue):

  • ALL report templates
  • E-com profit tracking
  • Real-time blended ROAS
  • Unlimited ad channels in one report
  • Limitless customization
  • Link sharing
Early-bird pricing!
  • E-com profit tracking
  • Real-time blended ROAS
  • 4 ad channel integrations
Will increase as your revenue grows

More Reasons to Choose Madgicx

Hear them straight from our users

Running a successful FB Ads campaign is never easy, especially for an e-commerce. We've been looking for a tool that helps us understand our audiences better, which Ads bring the most ROAS, where should we invest more money and when not to, to avoid "burning the budget". Doing it manually was exhausting, but thanks to Madgicx we were able to save a lot of valuable time and get answers we were looking for. Now we can spend more time on other marketing channels and be sure that FB will mostly run itself.

Adam Jakub Maliński
Performance Marketing Specialist at

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