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You can’t count on automated rules to optimize your ad accounts if you don’t have reliable data tracking. The good news is - Madgicx has both.

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Guess using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.LIOJO using Madgicx to autonomously manage and optimize Facebook & Google ads.

Madgicx vs. Revealbot at a Glance

Apart from automation and tracking, Madgicx allows you to leverage AI-powered tools, granular creative analysis, full-funnel targeting, and more so you can truly maximize your ad ROI.

Tracking and attribution
Get a reliable tracking system that sends accurate data back into Ads Manager
24/7 budget optimization
Automate the entire budget management of your ad account to maximize ROI day and night
Custom automation
Set up automated rules based on your needs
AI-powered creative analysis
Leverage computer vision and data unification to level up your insights
Real-time cross-channel reporting
Combine multiple channels into one report, including Facebook, Google, and Shopify
Google sheets integration
Create unique metrics based on custom data from spreadsheets
Pre-set audiences
Access a vast selection of audiences with built-in exclusions that you can launch in a few clicks
AI audiences
Launch AI-backed audiences that are continuously optimized based on your data
A/B testing
Launch and analyze multiple ad sets and ads with ease
Ad management tools
Manage all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one place
Post boosting
Automatically create ads using your best-performing posts
Smart defaults
Have pre-set dashboards and recommended optimization strategies based on your account data
Slack and email alerts
Receive alerts about triggered actions by email or in Slack
Funnel-based data segmentation
Easily analyze your budget and performance at each stage of the funnel

“The greatest SaaS platform in terms of AI automation and ad monitoring”

“I had been using Revealbot for 4 years when I decided to switch to Madgicx.

When I found out about the platform, I first tried to compare it with the other options on the market. It just has so many more functionalities to offer for the price I’m paying, and it's far ahead of its competitors in terms of development.”

Sun Naritson
CEO & Founder, MSR Digital Partner

Compare Pricing

See how much more you can get with Madgicx (based on an ad spend of $2,500/month).

  • 24/7 budget optimization
  • Ad management tools
  • Custom automation
  • AI-powered creative analysis
  • Pre-set audiences
  • AI audiences
  • Real-time cross-channel reporting
  • Smart defaults
(annual plan)
  • Ad management tools
  • Custom automation
  • Automated reporting
(annual plan)

More Reasons to Choose Madgicx

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Running a successful FB Ads campaign is never easy, especially for an e-commerce. We've been looking for a tool that helps us understand our audiences better, which Ads bring the most ROAS, where should we invest more money and when not to, to avoid "burning the budget". Doing it manually was exhausting, but thanks to Madgicx we were able to save a lot of valuable time and get answers we were looking for. Now we can spend more time on other marketing channels and be sure that FB will mostly run itself.

Adam Jakub Maliński
Performance Marketing Specialist at

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