Why so many FB Advertisers
are stuck in the past?

In 2019-2020 Facebook remains the best ad platform to grow businesses and make more money. The platform is evolving fast and there is so much opportunity out there. Small to large business recognise this and many succeed but some people get stuck by managing ads the old way. Moreover, when it comes to manage ads, there are usually 2 types of advertisers:

1. The Optimisers: advertisers who are spending hours a day optimising only their accounts.

2. The Navigators: advertisers who went beyond just managing account and focus  on their strategy, their content and navigating their business.

Both types serve different purposes at different stages of a business. They are easily recognizable because of the following reasons.


  • Optimizers tend to analyze and micro-manage their accounts several times throughout the day. Up to 20 or more checks is not unusual.
  • Taking dozens of decisions: increasing and decreasing budgets multiple times a day and shifting budgets around ads, ad sets and campaigns, largely due to inexperience.
  • Being a Superman: Saving the day by turning ad sets off early in the day to prevent loss.
  • Staying Late Nights: to turn ad sets back ON at midnight for giving a second try.
  • Always Searching for Issues: they try to catch losing ad sets and ads before they eat up their profits.


  • Navigators tend to look for ways to automate their workflow in order to save time.
  • Patience is their biggest asset. They understand that for campaigns to be successful, one must see the changes go all they way through to relevant data for future decisions.
  • Navigators realize how crucial is to constantly improve ad-copies and creatives in order to keep the account fresh.
  • Overall they spend their time on areas that they can exercise full control. The things that will make a direct business impact like improving the product, funnels, customer service, etc..

Why you
should focus on navigating
and not optimizing?

Navigating your account is a great practice when you are just starting with media-buying in general. You come to understand the mechanisms behind bidding and targeting the right audiences among other things. But, there is an early point when this mechanisms are fairly understood and from then it becomes much harder to get new insights without enough data.

The data you collect while media-buying is like the bread and butter to survive in the digital marketing business. You need more of it to make better decisions. If not, you are in the dark. Luckily for some wealthy marketers, that data can be gathered easily by spending thousand of dollars in a short period of time.

In other cases, agencies can help you out because of all the data they collected from other clients. However, without big budgets, it becomes increasingly difficult to move forward fast. 

3 solutions

1.Hiring a Facebook Ads Agency

Hire an Ad Agency that specializes in your niche. Not a generalised agency. This would increase the chances of success. Make sure that you are getting the best team to work on your account and that you manage expectation with the agency in regards to performance, reporting, and work.

Pros: The data is already accessible and managed by experienced marketers that know how to read it.

Cons: High Cost + Performance is not guaranteed - if the project fails you have to pay the Media Spend + high fees.

Typically an Ad Agency will cost you 10-20% of your ad Spend (Plus minimum fee of around 5-10k). Sometimes the Agency fees could be the difference between profitability and losing money, so at some point it can become a burden on scaling. 

2. Hire an In-House Media Buyer

Instead of paying an external agency, hire an in-house person that already has all the knowledge and the experience and has proven results in managing and scaling Facebook Ads.

Pros: You can keep a close to any changes on your account that will help you understand your business further.

Cons: Is difficult to find good candidates. The high demand makes them very inaccessible and expensive. Could cost up to 100k+ to have a full-time media buyer in-house.

3. Trust in Technology.

AI is already here. A third option instead of outsourcing with media-buyers or agencies. In 2019 is already possible to manage and improve your performance with AI advertising technology. Smartly.io, Albert.ai, Kenshoo Social, or madgicx.com are all great places to start.

Among all, the most disruptive tool in the past years has been madgicx.com. It has achieved the quickest time to value (time until you perceive higher performance) from all of them with an average 2x ROAS in 48 to 72 hours.

In just 2 days, is possible to go from zero-to-hero by learning to:

  • Launch Full-Funnel Facebook Advertising Strategies (Acquisition Retargeting and Retention Campaigns) of over 100 ad sets.
  • Launch over 100+ AI Audiences for improved targeting
  • Create better Ads by combining Ad Copies and Creatives with performance tools like Creative Clusters.
  • Setting up Automation Tactics like Stop Loss, Surf, Sunsetting, Revive and more to run your campaigns 24/7

Because, at the end of the day, our time is your most expensive resource. If you’re spending over $500 on Facebook Ads a tool like madgicx.com could save you a LOT of time and improve your PERFORMANCE dramatically.

Pros: The tech-level from most advertising software's is far more effective than media-buyers and agencies. AI has give a huge power to tools like madgicx.com to launch FULL funnel strategies fro acquisition, re=targeting and retention in a few minutes. Plus, amazing automation tactics that run campaigns 24/7 are mostly impossible to match by humans.

Cons: You need to be spending a minimum of +500/mo in order to enable the ML and Algorithms of madgicx.com to work properly to achieve positive ROI on the Tool.


The is not one proper way to manage your Facebook campaigns. The old ways like outsourcing to ad agencies or hiring media-buyers are sometimes the most secure. However, the highly competitive market of digital advertising will mean that these services are very expernsive and can see your profits significantly reduced.

Otherwise, you can try what is on the other side of the fence. AI has gone a long way with marketing software and is already a major aid for thousands of marketers. From the many options, madgicx.com stand as the fastest in showing results and has been taking the industry by surprise with powerful automation tactics, more than 100 pre-packaged audiences and tools to launch hundreds of ad sets in minutes.

Yahav Hartman

Yahav Hartman

Yahav Hartman is the Founder & CEO of madgicx.com, the fastest growing Ad-Tech platform for Facebook Ads.
Over the last 7 years, Yahav has worked closely with Facebook product growth and marketing partners teams on developing advertising and marketing technologies for big spenders and Fortune 500 brands in eCommerce.

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