Facebook Ads – Why humans are not made to run Ads.

Elon Musk shoots Rockets to Space, and self-driving cars are here… but many Facebook Advertisers still think they can run Facebook Ads better than a machine.

Ad agencies that simple rely on the fact that their clients know nothing about Facebook Ads will soon become a thing of the past. Facbook Advertisers will lose their jobs if they won’t deliver more value and become more advanced with their work. 

If you breakdown the daily activities of a Facebook Ads Manager you would notice that already today most of the tasks could be managed completely or partially by a machine. 

Let’s talk a look at a typical day of Facebook Ad Manager in 2018 vs. 2019-2020. 

Typical day of
a Media Buyer on the Facebook Ads Manager:

2018 +2020
Log into Facebook Ads Manager and check yesterdays's Performances. Get a Performance Report delivered to your Inbox.
09:15 Decrease/ Increase budgets according to Performance GOALS and bugets. Budgets are already optimized to bring the best performance to hit your GOALS.
10:00 Analyze performance and decide which action to take. The System will let you know if you need to take any action take any action that Machine can't do
10:30 Create new Ad Sets and Ads with Specific naming structure. The machine will be able to classify and understand the different ad sets and ads attributes also without different naming conventions.
11:00 Export all campaign data in order to unify individual creative performance. The machine automatically recognize Creatives and Ad copies and is able to Unify all creative performance under a single view.
11:30 Analyze creative performance and assure that the best ad copies are running with the best creatives. Launch Ads with the best creatives and the best ad copies to the best audiences within 1-2 clicks.
12:30 Lunch Time Machines can't eat for you yet.
13:30 – and 24/7 Increase budgets on strong performers and reduce budgets on losing ad sets. Automation Tactics Surf up the budgets and trigger stop losses for you. Sunsetting of weak performers happens automatically.

The benefits of AI Marketing Software

In the old days (mid 2019 and before) Facebook Ads required a LOT of humans attention and management. But, as Facebook evolves, and advertising technologies such as madgicx.com emerge, you no longer need to spend so much time doing tasks that the machine can do for you. 

This means you have at least extra +6 hours every day.

Now with more time, you can really move your business forward by focusing on activities that YOU can do better than a MACHINE. Read more about it in the article I wrote about navigating your business instead of optimizing your ad account.

  • Be creative
  • Build a brand
  • Focus on product
  • Upgrade user experience

This would have not been possible without companion Facebook Advertising technologies in the following areas:

Automation Tactics 

Stop-Loss (Adsest Level & Ad Level)

Facebook Ads

Stop Loss protects your budget by pausing low-performing ad sets with negative momentum as soon as it identifies them. At the chosen local time it turns the ad set back on to give a second chance the next day.

Surf (Adset Level & Ad Level)

Facebook Ads

Surf identifies strong performance trends and automatically capitalizes on the positive momentum by increasing the available ad sets budgets beyond the original limits. The budget will automatically reset at chosen local time. Stop Loss and Surf are complementary tactics that are designed to increase spending on strong days and decrease spending on bad days. 


Facebook Ads

Revive automatically reactivates any paused ad sets at the moment it detects any kind of positive activity indicating that the ad set has become profitable again. This typically happens when delayed attributions kicks in. 


Facebook Ads

Sunsetting monitors performance over time to identify under-performing ad sets and then takes a series of steps to protect your budget over time. 

Automated Reporting

Facebook Ads

Daily, weekly and monthly Automated reports delivered to your inbox with all the information you need. 

Creative Clusters

Facebook Ads

Use Creative Clusters to mix and match your winning creative factors and launch winning ads with 1 click.

Mass Creation: Launch +100 AI Audiences

Facebook Ads

Mass Creation enables you to build a full-funnel targeting strategy. Once you launched all these campaigns, let them compete against your existing account set up. We see that in 90% of the cases launching the madgicx campaigns over-performs the existing results. 


Facebook Advertisers are spending hours a day optimizing their ad account while, if they want to survive in business, they need to focus on things machines can’t do like strategy and creative. 

In 2020 Facebook Ad Agencies and Facebook Media Buyers will have to evolve and focus more on creative, customer journeys, and creating a better user experience for the end customers. 

And most importantly: time is your most expensive resource, focus on work that a machine can’t do for you (yet). 

Yahav Hartman

Yahav Hartman

Yahav Hartman is the Founder & CEO of madgicx.com, the fastest growing Facebook Ads Platform. As an Adtech & Martech Enthusiastic Hartman serves as a Strategic High-End Facebook Advertising Consultant & Executor for Fortune 500 brands.

Yahav Hartman

Yahav Hartman

Yahav Hartman is the Founder & CEO of madgicx.com, the fastest growing Facebook Ads Platform. As an Adtech & Martech Enthusiastic Hartman serves as a Strategic High-End Facebook Advertising Consultant & Executor for Fortune 500 brands.

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