What to Expect From Madgicx in 2019

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After 3 intensive days of roadmap building, product reviewing and too much coffee consumption we ended up with our vision for next months!

With the launch in the beginning of the year, madgicx has quickly made a name for itself revolutionizing Facebook automation and is the leading platform for full-stack Facebook advertising. Combining the best qualities from six different products under one platform our platform quickly resonated with the needs of customers and we are overwhelmed with all the great feedback. You guys are awesome and here is how we want to make Madgicx even more powerful for you.

Madgicx offers solutions in the areas of automation, reporting, campaign management an AI driven audience creation which help companies and agencies grow.

Audience Creation

We have taken their audience creation tactic from offering only 5 audiences to now a massive catalog of smart audiences ready for you to launch!

Next, cutting your ad set launch process to 30 seconds, audience creation adds a robust algorithm for effective target audience creation. These audiences are based on data from customers, visitors, social media engagers and video viewers and allows users to build lookalike audiences which have high potential.


While Facebook also allows the creation of lookalike audiences, we provide a layer of knowledge on top. We analyze all custom audiences big enough to be used to create lookalikes for you without the extra time spent creating 10 audiences to find out which is large enough. Having this tool built on top of the FRM (Frequency, Recency and Monetary Value) process it allows you to only play the best audiences (for example: lookalike of your highest value customers who have purchased multiple times).


Select the best-performing countries, recency and the percentage (note: we also offer a 15% and even 20% lookalikes! An option which is not possible on Facebook) … so you will have amazing scaling potential with each audience.

Last but not least, select only your best ads, whether dark-, facebook- or an instagram post and off you go!

The Madgicx Lead Generation & App Install Experience

You asked, we delivered! We now allow advertisers optimizing for lead generation and app install to fully access the power of madgicx with tailored solutions for your advertising objectives.


Build automation based on the events you care about and look at the data that matters.

Simply go into settings, change your advertising account setting to the objective you optimize for and you’re good to go.

Always Know What Drives Ad Set Performances

Next to our automation product and ad set creation, the ad set storyline quickly became a signature product of Madgicx. We added a straight forward selection bar on top allowing you to work through each and every ad set.

With the event storyline on top you’ll be able to track all action taken on the ad set and understand how these actions influence your performance metrics.

High-end life chat support

With the flood of new users we vamped up our support efforts so that users now get direct support from professional media buyers that help with every individual case.

Have any  questions on how to scale Facebook ads? Reach out and get professional help. We are just one click away.

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Kelsey Francis

Kelsey Francis

Marketing Intern at madgicx.com

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